How to Fix Helldivers 2 Login Limit Reached Error

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How to Fix Helldivers 2 Login Limit Reached Error

The Helldivers 2 Login Limit Reached Error is one of the latest problems discovered in the game. Here’s how to fix it

The dreaded “Login Limit Reached” error in is not exactly the heroic welcome you expect when you're ready to squad up and blast some bugs. A lot of Helldivers 2 players are annoyed by the Login Limit Reached error message. If you have been looking for a Helldivers 2 Login Limit Reached error fix, take some time to read this post. Other than showing you how to make the problem go away, we will also discuss what could cause this nuisance in the first place.

Update: Possible fix for Login Limit Reached

A few people on the Helldivers 2 Discord have managed to breach the login queue limit by directly joining through a friend. This should work on either Steam or PS5. One solution is to find people online with an open lobby and then connect through the.

  • Post your Steam Friend Code or PSN ID in the Helldivers 2 LFG Discord
  • Look for a group with an open spot or advertise yourself
  • Join said group and you should bypass the queue
  • This works best if you launch the game via the invite from your friend
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How to Fix Helldivers 2 Login Limit Reached Error

There is only one Helldivers 2 Login Limit Reached error fix right now. You need to wait for five minutes after an unsuccessful attempt and try again to log in to the game. It is a new error that popped up after the latest update rolled out by the studio. If you're unable to log in after multiple attempts, you might have to perform a full restart on your PC or console, and then try logging in again once you've restarted the game.

How to Fix Helldivers 2 Login Limit Reached Error

Credit: Arrowhead Game Studios

Login Limit Reached – What can you do?

  • After an unsuccessful login attempt, wait for approximately five minutes
  • Retry logging in to the game. This is the current workaround for the issue and seems to work for most people
  • Change your internet protocol to IPv4. While a more technical solution, it has worked for some players. Go to your PC network settings, select Internet Protocol Version 4, and use as your preferred DNS server
  • Disabling IPv6 while playing the game has also worked for some players
  • Crucially, the issue is a top priority for the developer and a fix is on the way
  • A “boring” solution is to wait until a quieter period as the error is caused by too many players playing

Helldivers 2 Login Limit Reached Error: Why is It Happening?

The ‘Login Limit Reached' error message is triggered by server issues in the game. Since its release, the game has become much more popular than Arrowhead Game Studios initially predicted. This unexpected surge in player activity has overwhelmed the servers, resulting in some players encountering this error while trying to log in.

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Following the rollout of the 01.000.008 update, which promised to address significant server issues, players expected improved game accessibility. Unfortunately, many are still encountering the same problems, and some are even finding the update to have worsened their experience.

This is a temporary situation, and the developers are dedicated to getting you back in the fight as soon as possible. Until then, soldier, stay vigilant and share intel with your fellow Helldivers on the forums.

How to Fix Helldivers 2 Login Limit Reached Error
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