How to Fix Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Travis-Rilea Error Code

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How to Fix Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Travis-Rilea Error Code

Here is the fix to the Travis-Rilea error code in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Activision’s latest release in the Call of Duty franchise has been met with some harsh criticisms from the gaming community. Players have expressed their disappointment with numerous aspects of the game. The multiplayer is riddled with bugs, the campaign is too short with a lackluster story, and so goes the list. Some of these bugs have also stopped players from entering the game completely, showing just an error code. Most of the victims of such errors have little to no information about the problem if they're looking to fix their game.

One such issue is the Error Code: Travis-Rilea. Since this has been on the rise recently, we have decided to share an article with the solution to the Travis-Rilea Error Code.

What is Travis-Rilea Error Code

This is usually a connection-based error. Call of Duty games use this to define an issue between your client and the game servers. For some reason, they aren’t able to communicate which results in you being unable to play.

The Travis-Rilea issue is likely caused by the server side or, in this case, the MW3 or Warzone servers, but in some cases, it could be from the client side as well. So we will be checking all possibilities and try every outcome possible.

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This is also quite frequent among PC players, especially those who play from Steam. It occurs during the time of Steam server maintenance but is also seen at other times.

How to Fix Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Travis-Rilea Error Code

Credits: Call of Duty (Twitter/X)

How to Fix Travis-Rilea Error Code

Despite the most likely cause behind this problem being with the Call of Duty servers, as a player, you can take the following steps to try and fix it.

Restart the Game

This applies to pretty much every tech-related problem. Be it software or hardware-based. You’d be surprised at how many problems and errors get fixed by just simply restarting. This allows the computer to start again with a clean slate and run the program without any prior hindrance.

But still, as this is a connection error, some more time and effort may be needed.

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Credits: Call of Duty (Twitter/X)

Restart the Internet Connection

Another thing that you can do is tinker with your Wifi or Internet Connection. Try giving it a restart. Do the usual turn off your router then on again after a minute. This has a higher chance of fixing the problem as it provides the network connection between your client and the servers.

Try to contact your ISP if you see any issues with your connection.

Check Server Conditions

If this has occurred with you, it has likely occurred with others too. Look around the server state of the game to see if it is down. Check around the community and on different platforms to see if the issue is widespread. Make sure to find people around your region and your platform.

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If it turns out to be widespread, then it is probably an issue with the game servers. Since multiple people are facing the error with you, it has to be fixed from the side of Call of Duty.

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