How to Find the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia

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How to Find the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia

After the bright lights of a Paper Lantern Bug in Palia? Let’s show you where to find these vibrant, translucent insects

Palia boasts a vibrant ecosystem teeming with fascinating creatures like the Paper Lantern Bug! This bioluminescent insect illuminates the night with its soft, blueish-green glow. The bug will come in handy in completing quests like Open the Door, A Perfect Pearl, and Fashion Follow Up. Rather than spending hours searching for it, read this article to find out where to find the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia.

Where to Get Paper Lantern Bug In Palia

Paper Lantern Bugs illuminate the night sky of Bahari Bay from dusk till dawn (6:00 PM – 3:00 AM). Search along the picturesque coastline, including Beachcomber Cove, Lighthouse Lagoon, and Coral Shores. But don't stop there! They can also be found flitting amongst the trees in the northern forests of Bahari Bay, hiding in the Statue Garden, Proudhorn Pass, the Thorny Thicket, the Outskirts, and even the Flooded Steps! Keep in mind, however, that you cannot find these insects outside their active hours. So, you must visit the locations mentioned above from 6 PM to 3 AM to find them.

How to Catch Paper Lantern Bug in Palia

How to Find the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia

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Catching these captivating bugs is a breeze! Unlike some elusive creatures, Paper Lantern Bugs are quite docile. Here's the trick: gently distract them with a smoke bomb (crafted easily!) to keep them illuminated while you approach. Then, simply use any type of belt (Makeshift, Standard, Fine, or Exquisite) to capture them – your success rate is guaranteed 100%!

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Their gentle firefly-like glow makes these nocturnal beauties easy to spot during nighttime hours in Bahari Bay. Keep your movements quiet – Paper Lantern Bugs are easily startled and will fly away if frightened. Luckily, they're slow flyers, so if you approach them gently, you can easily bag a few of them!

How to Find the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia
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