How to Farm Precision Drilling Bits in Skull and Bones

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How to Farm Precision Drilling Bits in Skull and Bones

Here’s our complete guide on how to farm precision drilling bits in Skull and Bones

Let’s be honest; Skull and Bones isn’t the perfect pirate game that we all were hoping to see. There are elements to the game that we would all love to see improved. But that doesn’t change the fact that, albeit a bit repetitive, it’s a fun little game.

The open world is huge, and you can go practically anywhere once you get through the opening section of the game. One of the core elements of the game is to upgrade your ship’s weapons and quality using the resources found in its vast open world. Whether you’re blowing enemy ships or raiding outposts, there is plenty to do here to collect resources.

Precision drilling bits are a type of exotic material found in Skull and Bones. It’s used to unlock some of the best late-game upgrades in the game. However, farming is easier said than done.

In this article, we’ll give you the exact steps to finding this rare resource so that you can become the biggest, baddest pirate on the sea. Let’s get started.

How to Farm Precision Drilling Bits

Unlike the other resources, the location for farming Precision Drilling Bits in Skull and Bones is quite limited. You can farm it in three different ways:

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1. Sink the Maangodin

How to Farm Precision Drilling Bits in Skull and Bones

Credit: Gamerant

The first, and perhaps the easiest, way for players to acquire Precision Drilling Bits in the game is to sink the ghost ship that spawns at night. The Maangodin is a level 8 Elite ship that can spawn at different locations.

However, it only spawns once each night, so if another player sinks it, you’ll have to wait until the next in-game night to farm it. Farming the spectral vessel can be tough but manageable, even if you’re playing solo. However, you need to track it down first.

Here’s an easy strategy to track down the Maangodin:

  • Head for the Oubliette outpost at night.
  • From the outpost, sail out and move around 1000 meters to the east.
  • If you do not spot the Maangodin, quit the main menu and restart the game.
  • Rinse and repeat until the ghost ship appears.

If you manage to find the vessel, focus on sinking it. New players, be warned that it’s a tough battle. When you hit the ship, you’ll notice that it doesn’t take any damage. The trick is to hit its weak spots (Front left and front right) first. After that, it becomes vulnerable to other attacks.

Once you manage to sink it, you’ll receive a few Precision Drilling Bits along with some other handy resources.

2. Plunder Dutch Military Bases

How to Farm Precision Drilling Bits in Skull and Bones

Credit: Gamerant

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Another way to farm some Precision Drilling Bits in Skull and Bones is to attack and plunder the five East Indies bases located on the eastern part of the map. However, doing these missions solo is just asking for trouble.

All of these bases are Level 10 and above. So attacking them on your own won’t end well for you. But Skull and Bones is meant to be played with friends. So call in help from a couple of your fellow pirates, and you should be able to plunder these bases without too much trouble.

3. Sink the Opwelling

How to Farm Precision Drilling Bits in Skull and Bones

Credit: Gamerant

If you want a bit more challenge when you’re looking for your Precision Drilling Bits, sinking the Opwelling is another thing you can do. It’s a level 12 Elite Warship that occasionally spawns on the map.

It’s one of the toughest encounters in the game, so we strongly recommend bringing your friends and attacking it as a team. Fighting the Opwelling solo is a bad idea if you don’t have the best weapons. Even then, it’s going to be a tough fight.

Farming Precision Drilling Bits in Skull and Bones is anything but easy. The three methods we mentioned all take a bit of effort and time. With our tips and tricks and a bit of grinding though, things shouldn’t be too difficult.

How to Farm Precision Drilling Bits in Skull and Bones
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