How To Earn EA FC 24 Rewards Playing FIFA 23

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How To Earn EA FC 24 Rewards Playing FIFA 23

Unlock exclusive EA FC 24 rewards in FIFA 23! Learn how playing FIFA 23 can get you better prepared for the shift to EA FC 24 later this month. 

A new chapter begins with EA Sports FC 24, as Electronic Arts departs from the familiar FIFA branding. The developers aim to breathe new life into the cherished Ultimate Team mode with innovative features as they prepare to treat fans of their long-lasting soccer game series with a brand new experience. 

While the team bids adieu to the FIFA era, it's important to note that players shouldn't halt their FIFA 23 adventures prematurely. Currently, EA is hosting a “Pre-Season” promotion offering various EA FC 24 rewards. 

How To Earn EA FC 24 Rewards Playing FIFA 23

Credit: EA Sports

EA has been employing this preview strategy for several years, and it's proven highly effective. It makes perfect sense—players are more inclined to commit to the upcoming year if they find a stash of rewards awaiting them upon login. While you can begin accumulating rewards in FIFA 23 today, EA will be gradually releasing them over the upcoming weeks.

Thankfully, a sneak peek courtesy of the reputable FIFA insider, FUT Sheriff, unveils what's in store for the next three weeks. Despite the game's apparent final chapter, player engagement remains vital, given the substantial rewards awaiting those planning to embrace EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Team upon its release.

What EA FC 24 Rewards Are Up For Grabs?

To unlock all the EA FC 24 rewards, you must play FIFA 23 for three consecutive weeks and successfully complete a range of objectives. While the precise tasks for the coming weeks remain uncertain, the initial objectives in the first week involve scoring with a certain number of players from a single league in your starting lineup and completing various Squad-Building Challenges. Below, we detail the rewards you can anticipate over the next three weeks in FIFA 23:

Pre-Season Week 1Objectives and Rewards

To claim the reward listed below, simply score in four separate Squad Battle matches, each set at a minimum of Semi-Pro difficulty. Ensure that your starting XI includes a minimum of seven players from the same league. Upon successful completion, you get

  • 3 Rare Gold Premier League Players Pack
  • 3 Rare Gold LaLiga Players Pack
  • 3 Rare Gold Serie A Players Pack
  • 3 Rare Gold Bundesliga Players Pack
  • 3 Rare Gold Ligue 1 Players Pack

These rewards await you after successfully completing the New Era Squad Building Challenge a total of three times: 

  • Coin Boost (1000 coins x 5 games)
  • 2 Rare Gold Player Pack
  • Base Hero Loan Pack x 5 games

Pre-Season Week 2 Objectives and Rewards

FIFA 23 Pre-Season Week 2 Objectives are unknown at this point. The rewards are: 

  • 82+ x 10 Players Pack
  • 2 Rare Gold Player Pack
  • Base Hero Loan Pack x 5 games
  • Coin Boost (1000 coins x 5 games)

Pre-Season Week 3 Objectives and Rewards

The specifics of FIFA 23 Pre-Season Week 3 Objectives are currently under wraps. Here are the rewards you can expect to win:

  • 83+ x5 Players Pack
  • 84+ x3 Players Pack


How To Earn EA FC 24 Rewards Playing FIFA 23
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