How to Destroy Buildings in Nightingale

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How to Destroy Buildings in Nightingale

What kind of survival game would it be if there wasn't the possibility of creating structures and, above all, destroying them? Don't worry, Nightingale gives you the chance to destroy the buildings you create and recover the resources you invested in their creation. How? In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about this process.

Destroying Buildings in Nightingale

Destroying buildings is a necessary thing on certain occasions because it will be necessary in order to keep everything more organized. In fact, at the beginning of your adventure, you will start building by placing things wherever they happen, but soon you will realize that you will have to follow a logic and place things where they are functional and not at random. For this reason, you must be able to move and/or destroy what you create in Nightingale.

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Once you have constructed a building, you can press the R key to move it, Q to copy it, or hold down V to delete it. Using your axe to chop away at the structure reveals a health bar. Once depleted, the structure collapses, releasing resources onto the ground. Fortunately, demolishing the building doesn't result in the loss of resources, simplifying the task of relocating workbenches or chests within your Nightingale camp.

When you see a structure's outline, it means that you didn't place it so you can deconstruct it in another way. Go close to it and look for the menu where you can add the needed materials. Once you find this button, instead of putting in the materials, press and hold the E button on your keyboard. This should bring up a new menu. One option here is to take apart the structure. The highlight on the building in progress disappears, and you can move it elsewhere. You can choose to ignore the highlight, but it doesn't vanish, which might look odd if there's a highlighted structure overlapping a finished one.

How to Destroy Buildings in Nightingale
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