How to Complete the Twilight Keepers Skull and Bones Mission

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How to Complete the Twilight Keepers Skull and Bones Mission

Some missions can be more involved than others to complete, such as the Twilight Keepers Skull and Bones mission. This mission will be slightly different from the others, as it will not mainly require you to fight or find resources, but your objective is to find Sultanah's coffin. If you are having difficulty and don't know how to proceed, in this guide we will tell you step by step everything you need to do so that you can complete this Skull and Bones mission and continue the game.

Twilight Keepers Skull and Bones Mission Guide

Since it is a contract, there will be several steps that you will need to follow in order to complete it. But don't worry; by following our advice and our guide, you won't have any problems in this regard. Let's see together what you have to do to complete this mission in Skull and Bones.

Find Clues About Unbound Convoy

The first thing you need to do to proceed with the mission is to find evidence on the Unbound convoy. To do this, you will have to go to the mission area, which is located just east of Telok Penjarah. What you will have to do is find a DMC Patroller ship and sink it. Don't worry, it won't be very difficult. In fact, all you have to do is follow the sound of the cannons, since the ship will be engaged in combat against a vessel. Once you have successfully sunk the Patroller, you will receive a letter. It will tell you to go to the Ruined Lighthouse outpost to proceed with the mission.

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Go to the Tuined Lighthouse and Search for the Crew

The letter will send you to this location because your task is to find what remains of the crew that was sent by Rahma. Once you arrive there, go to the eastern part of the island, where you will find a wreck right under the cliffs. You can't be wrong because there will be a white symbol indicating the mission. At this point, approach the ship and inspect the bodies to obtain a letter.

Twilight Keepers Skull and Bones
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Go to Oosten Capital

Once you have this letter, you will have to head to Oosten Capital, which is the place where the coffin is located. This is the most important part of the mission and also the most difficult. In order to gain access to the coffin, however, you will have to start plundering the outpost. This is a Rank 10 outpost but, fortunately, you won't have to plunder it completely, but will just have to start the process and then leave. By doing so, however, you will have a trail of ships that will start chasing you to kill you. The mission, however, wants you to find refuge in Kalelawar Chamber (make sure you get off the ship so you are no longer wanted).

Deliver the Coffin

Now you only need the last step to complete the Twilight Keepers Skull and Bones mission. You will have to head towards the Suny Capital which is located north of the Lost City of Prei. Once you get there, interact with the capital icon to complete the mission and be able to focus on completing other missions in Skull and Bones.

How to Complete the Twilight Keepers Skull and Bones Mission
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