How to Complete Masks Quest in Palia

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How to Complete Masks Quest in Palia

Struggling to complete the Masks quest in Palia? Look no further cause we’ve got the answer

Palia is an upcoming Simulation MMO game developed by Singularity Six. Unlike traditional Survival Open-World games where you need to fight against the odds to… well, survive, this game throws you into a wholesome world filled with players looking to kick back and relax.

Fishing, farming, trading, hunting – you can do it all. There are also various quests you get from NPCs in the world that you can complete to progress the main plot.

The Masks quest was introduced in patch update v0.172, and most players who found it landed on it by accident. Starting this quest can be rather confusing since it doesn’t have any specific location.

If you want to find and complete the Mask quest in Palia, we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about it from start to finish.

Spoiler Alert: Since this is a quest walkthrough, there will be spoilers. If you want to finish the quest on your own, don’t read any further!

Let’s get started!

How to Start the Masks Quest in Palia

The Masks quest is designed in a way that players will likely stumble upon it by accident rather than intentionally. It doesn’t have any specific trigger location or quest giver. You get this quest by tilling your garden plots and randomly finding the Bird Mask.

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However, there are certain criteria that a player needs to meet before they can access the quest. First, you need to reach Friendship Level 3 with Jina, the first villager that you met at Kilima Valley. You also need to get the Friendship Reward (Ancient Library key) from the NPC.

Once you get the Bird Mask, the quest automatically gets added, and you get your first objective. To progress, you need to go and talk to Jina. She can be found in the Ruins or the Library.

How to Complete the Masks Quests – Walkthrough

The first objective of the quest is pretty easy and straightforward. You simply go to Jina after you find the Bird Mask and talk to her about it. But that’s when things start going south.

She says that it looks like a “Mask from the human era” and asks you to look for more around the valley. But you don’t get any map markers or specific locations. With Kilima Valley being as big as it is, things become difficult for players at this point.

You need to find four other Masks around different ruins in the Kilima Valley. Here’s a complete list of location for all the Masks in no particular order:

1. Lizard Mask

How to Complete Masks Quest in Palia

To find the Lizard Mask, head to the ruins northwest of the Remembrance Garden.

2. Insect Mask

How to Complete Masks Quest in Palia

The Insect Mask is located north of the Fisherman’s Lagoon. Head to the Whispering Banks Fast Travel Board and head west until you reach the Ruins. You’ll find it here under a decrepit column.

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3. Humanoid Mask

How to Complete Masks Quest in Palia

The Humanoid Mask can be a bit more difficult to find. Head to the Water Temple at Phoenix Falls, where you completed the Ancient Battery quest. The Mask can be found near the staircase past the Phoenix Statue on your left.

4. Kitsuu Mask

How to Complete Masks Quest in Palia

The final mask you need for the quest is the Kitsuu Mask. You can find it beside the staircase near the Mirror Pond Ruins. Look under the tree, and you’ll find the mask there.

Find the Meaning Behind the Masks

Once you find all the masks, you’ll get a new quest objective to Return to Jina. Talk to Jina, and she will tell you to find the “Meaning behind the masks.”

To progress further, you need to go to the Ancient Library located to the west of Mirror Pond Ruins. You need the Ancient Library Key to open the location. Go down the corridor on the right after entering the Ancient Library. Take another right, and you’ll reach a room with shelves full of books.

How to Complete Masks Quest in Palia

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Enter the room and interact with the shelf located to the right just as you enter.

Talk to Jina one final time to finish the quest. You’ll receive the Ancient Pottery, a rare customization item, for finishing the quest line.

That’s all there’s to it. Now that you know the steps, you should have no trouble finding and completing this fun little quest in Palia. Good luck!

How to Complete Masks Quest in Palia
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