How to Claim FC Pro Rewards in EA FC 24?

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How to Claim FC Pro Rewards in EA FC 24?

Learn how to claim FC Pro rewards in EA FC 24 as FC Pro Season 1 is now underway

Join in the excitement as the FC Pro Open Global Qualifier kicks off, bringing players the opportunity to snag enticing rewards in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. We've got you covered if you're eager to score some free packs and enhance your in-game aesthetics. Read on to find out how to claim FC Pro Rewards in EA FC 24.

How to Claim FC Pro Rewards in EA FC 24?

While the competitions are reserved for the pros, the community at large stands to gain valuable rewards through the upcoming live streams; tune in to the streams for an exciting opportunity to witness top-tier gameplay and participate in various giveaways. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of the action and potentially walk away with some precious in-game treasures!

Wanna scoop up those FC Pro rewards in EA FC 24? It's a cakewalk! Just catch the live streams of the competition on EA Sports FC's YouTube or Twitch. Put a big red circle around November 11th – 6 PM UTC/2 PM EST/11 AM PST/6 PM GMT. Don't procrastinate – objectives need to be finished by November 14th!

How to Claim FC Pro Rewards in EA FC 24?

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Different objectives are linked to individual rewards. Here's a comprehensive list of all FC Pro rewards and how you can unlock them:



FC Pro Home Kit

Complete a series of four matches in any of the game modes found within Ultimate Team.

Premium Gold Pack

Pick up four victories wearing the FC Pro Home Kit in Rivals or Champs

Prime Gold Players Pack

Watch FC Pro broadcasts, totaling a minimum of 90 minutes across several streams, including FC Pro Open 24 Global Qualifier, FC Pro Open Matchday 1, and FC Pro Open Matchday 2.

Prime Gold Players Pack

Spend a minimum of 60 minutes watching any FC Pro Open 24 Global Qualifier broadcast.

400 XP

Make sure to catch a minimum of 15 minutes of any FC Pro Open 24 Global Qualifier broadcast.

How to Connect Your EA and YouTube Accounts

Before watching the Pro Open 24 Global Qualifier broadcast to get FC Pro Rewards in EA FC 24, you must connect your EA and YouTube accounts. Here is a step-by-step guide you need to follow:

  • Step 1: Go to YouTube and log into your account
  • Step 2: Access your account settings and click on “Connected Apps” where you'll find a list of websites available for linking to your YouTube account
  • Step 3: Electronic Arts should be one of the names that appear on the list. Click “connect” once you find it
  • Step 4: Expect a browser pop-up or an additional tab to open—Sign in to your EA account to link both accounts
  • Step 5: After successfully linking both accounts, you'll receive a confirmation message verifying your eligibility for applicable rewards

How to Connect Your EA and Twitch Accounts

You can also watch the FC Pro broadcast on Twitch. Follow these simple steps to link your EA and Twitch accounts and make yourself eligible for FC Pro Rewards:

  • Go to your EA Account and log in
  • Go to “Connections”
  • Find Twitch and click “Link”
  • Go to Twitch and log in
  • You will receive an authorization request from EA. Authorize it
  • A new window will open. Click “Link Accounts”
  • Check the Connections tab, and you will find EA listed as one of your connected accounts

How Does the FC Pro Ecosystem Work in EA FC 24?

The FC Pro Ecosystem is made up of three big parts: FC Pro Open, FC Pro League, and FC Pro World Championship. These events team up to crown the ultimate kings and queens of EA FC 24 around the world.

October marks the starting point of the circuit, as FC Pro Open brings together the globe's top players for thrilling competitions. Each of the three FC Pro segments rocks its own style and rewards. And guess what? They're all part of the big showdown to find the ultimate season champion!

FC Pro Open (October 2023-February 2024)

It's a groundbreaking move and arguably the most inclusive step forward in the franchise's Esports history. Beginners can challenge experienced players by qualifying for Division 4 in Division Rivals before the deadline, allowing them entry into Pro Ladder matches. Elite FC 24 players from ten different regions worldwide will convene in London for a chance to compete for a combined prize pool of $1 million.

FC Pro Leagues (February 2024-May 2024)

FC Pro Leagues are like the ultimate crossover event for EA Sports, blending football league partnerships into the Esports realm. It’s an invite-only extravaganza for EA FC 24 pros, repping legendary clubs from top football leagues in the world, like the Premier League, La Liga, and more! FC Pro League competitors will seek to advance to the next stage of the FC Pro framework- the FC Pro World Championship.

FC Pro World Championship (June 2024)

The FC Pro World Championship is the grand finale in the FC Pro circuit, marking the end of all the previous events in the game cycle. It's the highest peak of EA FC 24 Esports, bringing together the top 32 virtual athletes of the season. They'll battle it out for a chunk of the $1 million prize pool and the prestigious title of the inaugural FC Pro World Champion. Four players will come to this stage from the FC Open stage, while the rest will qualify from the FC Pro Leagues.

How to Claim FC Pro Rewards in EA FC 24?
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