EA FC 24 Triple Threat Team 1 Review

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EA FC 24 Triple Threat Team 1 Review

EA FC 24 Triple Threat Team 1 is now live, and here is what we think of it

EA Sports has brought back some promos we have seen in the FIFA era following the EA FC rebrand. Triple Threat, however, is a brand-new event that debuted on November 10. This exciting addition follows a two-week Centurions campaign, injecting fresh energy into the EA FC Ultimate Team experience. Now that the first roster of Triple Threat players has been unveiled, it's time for our in-depth EA FC 24 Triple Threat Team 1 review.

What is EA FC 24 Triple Threat?

The EA FC 24 Triple Threat promo gives EA FC 24 Ultimate Team players unique squad-building opportunities. Featuring a trinity of specialized player cards, which belong to players hailing from the same club. Each trio features a male card, a female card, and a Hero card.

EA FC 24 Triple Threat Team 1 Review

EA Sports has spared no effort in curating an impressive roster for EA FC 24 Triple Threat Team 1, assembling a formidable lineup that boasts some of the premier Heroes in the game, such as the iconic David Ginola and Yaya Toure.

EA FC 24 Triple Threat Team 1 Review

Photo Credit: EA Sports

David Ginola (90, LM)

image003 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

This is a more lethal version of the 89-rated David Ginola card we previously got in the game. Notably, the card boasts exceptional pace ratings, a feature that can be further maximized by applying the Hunter Chemistry Style. Beyond his pace, the shooting abilities of this Ginola card are nothing short of extraordinary. With the potential to enhance the already impressive 86 finishing rating to an outstanding 96, this card transforms Ginola into a clinical finisher capable of converting scoring opportunities with remarkable precision.

Fernando Morientes (90, ST)

image004 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

Pace, finishing, and physicality are the three highlights of the Fernando Morientes Triple Threat Hero Card. Applying the Engine Chemistry Playstyle to this player will transform him into a remarkably agile force on the pitch. With impressive 90+ ratings in shooting, attacking positioning, and finishing, he emerges as an exceptionally clinical striker, capable of converting scoring opportunities with finesse and precision.

Yaya Toure (88, CDM)

image005 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

The Manchester City legend also got a special card in EA FC 24 Triple Threat Team 1. Boasting stellar figures in passing, defending, and physicality, he emerges as a midfield powerhouse in the game. With a unique blend of PlayStyles, he's an ideal pick for the midfield anchor role, with Bruiser and Incisive Pass standing out as particularly noteworthy. Adding to his prowess, he also holds a notable Press Proven PlayStyles+ rating.

Joe Cole (88, RW)

image006 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

As of writing, the Joe Cole Triple Threat Hero card was going for nearly half a million coins. That’s not cheap, but you can get good investment value with this card. You get a forward who is nearly the finished article, combining impressive speed with excellent passing and shooting abilities. The inclusion of the Quick Steps PlayStyles+ further accentuates his prowess, making him a challenging target for defenders to keep up with.

Sidney Govou (87, ST)

image007 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

Sidney Govou received an 87 overall Hero card in the Triple Threat campaign. This version of the former Olympique Lyonnais striker can be a great addition to strengthen your attack. Triple Threat Govou possesses blistering pace and impeccable shooting attributes. He comes with a Power Shot PlayStyles+ rating and also features Pinged Pass, Rapid, and Quick Step PlayStyles.

EA FC 24 Triple Threat Team 1 Non-Hero/ Non-Icon Cards

Other than the Icon and Hero cards, the first Triple Card roster has the following cards:

Dirk Kuyt (87, RW)

image008 1


Photo Credit: FUTBIN

Very good basic attributes, but the 3-star weak foot and skill moves rating can be a deterrent.

Sakina Karchaoui (88, LB)

image009 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

The PSG fullback will set you back more than 400k coins at the time of writing, but she is an explosive fullback who can add an extra dimension to your attack. She struggles aerially and has okay-ish numbers in the defensive department; nonetheless, she could be a very good option to trigger fast attacking transitions.

Jack Grealish (88, LW)

image010 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

The Manchester City star is an excellent dribbler in EA FC 24, and this Triple Threat card takes his dribbling prowess to the next level.

Thiago Alcantara (87, CM)

image011 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

A 5-star skill midfielder with a burst of pace? Yes, please!

Delphine Cascarino (87, RW)

image012 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

The Lyon forward has menacing pace stats, but her finishing and shooting ratings are not extraordinary. If you are looking for a pure Explosive card, here it is.

Dani Carvajal (86, RB)

image013 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

Not an overpowered card by any means, so you are going to have to make some changes through Evolutions.

Alex Greenwood (86, CB)

image014 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

A solid center-back card that proves to be a good value for the price. A little work on the passing attributes will make this Greenwood card an even more effective addition to your squad.

Fran Kirby (86, CAM)

image015 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

The passing stats are not spectacular for a CAM, but the impressive dribbling stats somewhat compensate for that.

Presnel Kimpembe (86, CB)

image016 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

A no-nonsense defender who can contain the best attackers in the game.

Conor Gallagher (85, CM)

image017 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

The 77 defending stat seems a bit harsh, as it’s particularly impacted by a poor heading accuracy rating. Improve the passing and defending, and you get a solid CM card.

Athenea del Castillo (85, RW)

image018 1

Photo Credit: FUTBIN

Decent attacking and pace stats, but the defending numbers are far too low. Not the right choice if you want an industrious right-winger who will fall back and contribute in defense.

Maxence Caqueret (84, CM)


Photo Credit: FUTBIN

It can be a solid midfield addition with the right upgrades. The base stats are pretty decent, as well.

Leanne Kiernan (84, ST)



Photo Credit: FUTBIN

The Leanne Kiernan Triple Threat card is a pretty interesting one. It has excellent pace, shooting, and dribbling ratings. You get a four-star weak-foot player with good base stats for upgrades. This is a bargain at 10,500 coins at the time of writing.

EA FC 24 Triple Threat Team 1 SBCs and Objective Challenge

The EA FC 24 Triple Threat Objective challenge offers an 87 OVR Triple Threat card highlighting Tottenham Hotspur CAM James Maddison as the prominent prize. This particular card is a one-point upgrade over the POTM card he had earlier this season.

Special cards for Ledley King and Ashleigh Neville have been released as Triple Threat SBCs. Ledley King, who has been an excellent CB in the current meta, makes the Ledley King SBC a highly anticipated challenge for players aiming to unlock his Hero card. Pursuing this SBC could potentially cost players up to 390k coins. Despite the price tag, we advise Ultimate Team players to view this expenditure as a valuable investment due to the exceptional quality of the offered card.

With just one task to tackle, the Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat SBC is a straightforward challenge. The easily achievable requirements add to its appeal, making it a suitable undertaking for players of all levels, from beginners to Ultimate Team veterans. It should cost around 20k coins only.

EA FC 24 Triple Threat Team 1 Review
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