How to Change Seeds in Lightyear Frontier

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How to Change Seeds in Lightyear Frontier

Here is a quick guide on How to change Seeds in Lighyear Frontier.

Lightyear Frontier launches today into its Early Access and players will get to explore what its strange galaxy of space farmers has to offer. One of the first baffling mysteries is seeds and how to change them. This is why we have compiled this handy little guide that will tell you all about planting, changing seeds, and what to look out for.

How to Change Seeds in Lightyear Frontier

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Changing seeds in Lightyear Frontier is pretty straightforward. As long as you have seeds on hand, it's as little as pressing [Q] to bring up the tool wheel and cycling through your selection of Seeds. Now it's only a matter of finding those seeds in the right plot and you should have a thriving plant in no time.

How to get more Seeds in Lightyear Frontier

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The easiest way to get seeds in Lightyear Frontier is to pluck them out of the ground. This is as simple as using your Vacuum Harvester next to the plant that can be harvested. You also get one Seed per planted plant on top of whatever berry or plant you raised.

You can buy even more seeds from the Merchant that comes by daily once you’ve constructed the Merchant Landing platform which is unlocked by naturally progressing through the game.

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How to Change Seeds in Lightyear Frontier
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