How Scary is The Outlast Trials?

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How Scary is The Outlast Trials?

How scary is The Outlast Trials? Many have been asking this question ever since Red Barrels decided to reveal the cards and reveal the game. However, giving a single answer to this type of question is not at all simple. In this article, we will try to give a general answer so that everyone can make their own considerations.

How Scary is The Outlast Trials? Explained

The concept of fear is very subjective. What may scare one person may totally not give rise to any type of reaction in another and vice versa. Fear is an irrational emotion that we are unable to control and which can often find its roots in past experiences that we have lived and which, in one way or another, have marked us. For this reason, giving a specific answer that applies to everyone is practically impossible.

In any case, The Outlast Trials, objectively, cannot be considered a game for those who are weak of both heart and stomach. In addition to the classic jumpscares that are now present in almost all horror games, The Outlast Trials does not fail to make people perceive even what is a more hidden horror, intrinsic in people's minds. And this is why, in fact, The Outlast Trials is part of the genre of psychological horror games.

How Scary is The Outlast Trials

In this particular category of horror games, in fact, it is not only the jumpscares that instill terror in people, but also precisely what the game wants to tell. Without going into too much detail; otherwise, we might spoil things for you, what happens in the universe of The Outlast Trials is truly horrifying. The people inside the Murkoff Corporation are subjected to truly limitless tests that only sadistic people could have devised.

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Furthermore, for this very reason, The Outlast Trials is also very reminiscent of gore. The similarities with Saw and Hostel, to name just two, are many. People are tortured, mutilated, and subjected to all kinds of experiments. The horror and pain, therefore, are not only on a mental level, but also on a physical level. For this reason, those with a weak stomach may have difficulty playing the game.

Blood, entrails, brains, and mutilated body parts are practically everywhere. As if that wasn't enough, on many occasions, you will be the one to inflict torture on the unfortunate people, as you are ordered by higher-ups; rebellion is not something that is contemplated in The Outlast Trials. Even if you don't want to, you will often be forced to torture and kill other people to save your own skin.

For everything we have said, therefore, we can state with certainty that The Outlast Trials is not at all a game recommended for a very young audience, but not even for adults who are quite impressionable. If this content is too explicit for you, The Outlast Trials is not the game for you.

How Scary is The Outlast Trials?
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