How Removing Denuvo Will Improve Payday 3’s Performance

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How Removing Denuvo Will Improve Payday 3’s Performance

The long-time controversial anti-tamper software, “Denuvo” has been officially removed from the upcoming game, Payday 3

An upcoming game that has been in the making for almost a decade, titled “Payday 3” is officially launching globally on September 21, 2023. Payday 3 is a game developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by Deep Silver. The game was initially announced back in May 2016 by Overkill Software, who are the developers of the game, as the third installment in the Payday series. Ever since the official release of the game’s trailer on January 2023, lots of information and updates regarding the game have been released. The most important and appraised update so far is the removal of Denuvo, the controversial anti-tamper and anti-cheat software from the game and here is how it will improve Payday 3’s performance.

Payday 3 has officially removed the Denuvo software from their game

How Removing Denuvo Will Improve Payday 3's Performance

Credit: Payday 3 Official Website

Payday 3 is the immediate sequel to the second installment in the game series, Payday 2. The game has been beloved ever since the release of the first game titled “Payday: The Heist” in 2011. It is a survival first-person co-op online-only shooter game that requires players to complete heists as a team of four. Denuvo had been integrated into the game’s software from the first game. Denuvo is an anti-tamper and anti-cheat software that stops players from cheating or hacking in the game and create mods to alter the gameplay. This caused the gameplay of the Payday games to be buggy and caused FPS drops, so it was officially announced that Denuvo has been removed from the upcoming game.

This announcement was made by Starbreeze Studios on Payday 3’s official Twitter account with a tweet on September 15, 2023. In the tweet, the caption states that Denuvo is no longer in Payday 3. Here’s the tweet that was posted to Payday 3’s official Twitter account:

The announcement was quite simple and it was also announced on Payday 3’s official website in a blog post, which also read the same. Denuvo being removed from the game was appraised by all gamers in the replies of the tweet with pure joy. As mentioned before, the Denuvo software caused the game to lag, have bugs and even cause FPS drops that made it hard for players to play the game. Denuvo also caused innocent players to be suspended from the game for alleged cheating, which was quite frustrating. Hence, removing the Denuvo software from the game will likely eliminate these issues and make the gameplay a lot more smoother. This will also allow players to create customized mods.

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The window for mods being opened is fantastic for all players because the modability of the game is endless. Since Payday 3 is online only, players will be able to create many mods including new heist maps that will create an endless window for new gameplay. They can also create mods for weapons, cosmetics and upgrades. Hence, the announcement for the removal of Denuvo from the game Payday 3 was received quite well. However, some players of the game argued that this isn’t much of a difference considering the online-only requirement is still there. This is especially true considering the fact that the game does not have Player vs. Player mode (PVP).

Other than that, Payday 3 has also released other important information regarding the game. The game is already available for pre-order in 5 different editions. Pre-ordering any of the editions of the game will also allow players to play the game on the early access release date of September 18, 2023, along with a pre-order bonus called the “Trifecta Loot Bag DLC.” 2 of the editions include physical copies of the game while the 3 other editions include digital copies of the game. The names of the 5 editions of the game along with their prices are given as follows:

  • Payday 3 Standard Edition – $39.99 / €39.99
  • Payday 3 Day One Edition – $39.99 / €39.99
  • Payday 3 Silver Edition – $69.99 / €69.99
  • Payday 3 Gold Edition – $89.99 / €89.99
  • Payday 3 Collector’s Edition – $129.99 / €129.99

The global release timings of the game on September 21, 2023, were also announced on Payday 3’s official website with a blog post. Here are the global release timings of Payday 3 on September 21, 2023:

How Removing Denuvo Will Improve Payday 3's Performance

Credit: Payday 3 Official Website

Payday 3 also announced that 2 new heisters will be joining the game, who are Pearl and Joy. Pearl and Joy are old characters from Payday 2 who have been given a revamp in their character design to better match Payday 3’s modern timeline. Pearl’s character is an expert infiltrator and con artist who is great at both street and high-risk heists. On the other hand, Joy is a genius hacker and security expert, who aces at heists. An official announcement gameplay trailer for the heisters was released on Payday 3’s official YouTube channel. You can watch the gameplay trailer for Pearl and Joy here:

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The developers have also released a complete post-launch roadmap of DLCs for Payday 3. The roadmap is spread out over a whole year beginning in the winter of 2023 and ending in the Fall of 2024. The post-launch DLC roadmap was revealed on Payday 3’s official Twitter account with a tweet:

The post-launch DLC roadmap tells us that there will be a total of 4 DLCs being released for Payday 3 in the upcoming year, 2024. Here is a list of the DLCs and their release date windows:

  • Syntax Error DLC – Winter 2023
  • Boys in Blue – Spring 2024
  • The Land of the Free – Summer 2024
  • Fear and Greed – Fall 2024

As we know, Payday 3 is set in a modern timeline which is the 20th century, specifically the 2020s. Payday 2 ended with the heisters disbanding their gang and retiring from their criminal lives. Now, they are coming back 8 years later to do iconic heists again in New York City with the gang consisting of Dallas, Wolf, Chains, Hoxton and of course, Pearl and Joy. As the game is set in a modern timeline of the 2020s, this also means we might see new and advanced surveillance, technology and possibly a rise in cryptocurrency integrated into the game’s plotline. The game looks a lot more polished and better suited to the surroundings we would see in the 2020s world.

Hence, without any doubt, Payday 3 will be an amazing game that is sure to become a huge hit. With all of the new features, new heisters, new plotlines, new gameplay and the Denuvo software being removed, the game’s performance will be a lot more improved. Compared to the past Payday games, this third installment has integrated all the player complaints and needs to become a better version. In the storyline of the game, we will get to see why the heisters are returning to their old life 8 years later. Hence, go pre-order the game and make sure to stay tuned for more news on Payday 3 because we will be sure to keep you all updated!

How Removing Denuvo Will Improve Payday 3’s Performance
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