How Do You Pet A Hellhound In Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies

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How Do You Pet A Hellhound In Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies

This guide will teach you how to pet a Hellhound in Call of Duty: Zombies.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has finally put out its new Zombies game mode, and it is filled with references to the old zombie games. The large-scale mode introduces new features, and players seem to enjoy how it plays out. Despite needing some time to learn, aspects like Contracts are interesting and add another level to the gameplay. The high-tier zones offer a unique challenge to players looking for more difficult challenges. The story is also more rich and more immersive. Having a large map as well, instead of having to wait through loading screens to reach a new level, is a great addition, too.

One of the features that the developers at Activision added to the game mode is the Hellhound. The players can pet the hellhounds by following some simple steps. Petting the hellhound will also give the player an achievement titled “You Can Pet The Dog achievement.”

So, let's take a look at the steps to pet the hellhound given below. Also, make sure you check our article about MW3 Zombies Camo Challenges.

How To Pet A Hellhound In CoD: MW3 Zombies

The hellhound is a reference to older Zombies game modes from previous CoD titles. The Zombies games are infamous for their references to older CoD games. Befriending and petting the hellhound will let you have it as a pet in the game, and it will be your side too. The steps for petting a hellhound are given below:

How Do You Pet A Hellhound In Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies

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Get Zombie Flesh

You will need zombie flesh before anything else. You can easily get them by blowing up zombies. Weapons like grenades, RPGs, or mines are helpful for this. The LT53 Kazimir grenade seems to consistently drop the item named “Chunk of Flesh” needed for the task.

Finding a Hellhound

You can find these dog houses spread randomly all over the map. They are a little large compared to your regular dog house, and they are charred black from the flames that cover the whole thing. Look around the outskirts of the map or the low-threat level areas. If you have found a dog house, the map will show the icon. Some of the common places where these are seen are noted below:

  • Sorokin Industrial
  • Souk Nuri
  • Highway near Seaport District

Make sure you take out all zombies in the area before you approach the house. After coming close enough, you will be able to interact with to open the house’s inventory. Place the “Chunk of Flesh” in the slot.


Credits: Gaming Intel

After that, the house should explode, and in its place, a hellhound will be spawned. It won’t harm the players and can interact with you. Through the interaction with the dog, the player can pet it. Petting it will get you the achievement “You Can Pet The Dog achievement”. All members of the party should be able to pet the dog.

There is a bug that players should be aware of that causes the dog to move around and not be still for all players in the game to interact with it.

Once they become your pet, they will appear as an NPC and assist in the match. It will run and attack nearby zombies and can act as a tank in fights. Overall, having a hellhound can be very beneficial and improves chances of defeating foes.

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How Do You Pet A Hellhound In Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies
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