How Deep is the Character Creation in Rise of the Ronin?

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How Deep is the Character Creation in Rise of the Ronin?

Just how expansive will Rise of the Ronin's character creator truly be?

Team Ninja’s upcoming PS5 exclusive Rise of the Ronin is one of the most anticipated games of this year. It’s a game that promises to be jam packed with action and adventure in the vast open world set in 19th century Japan as you step into the shoes of a masterless samurai – a ronin.

But if you thought the devs would come up with a protagonist like Kratos or Jin Sakai and hand you the reins, then you’re dead wrong! As it turns out, the game would feature an in-depth character creation system, and you will have complete control over how your character looks,

Now, we’ve spent hours customizing our character in games like Dark Souls or Skyrim, so for us, it’s a good thing. When a game has a fleshed-out character creator, it adds an extra layer of immersion. Of course, you might not be a fan of this – but it is what it is.

That being said, here’s a quick overview of everything we know about the character creation in Rise of the Ronin.

Character Creation in Rise of the Ronin

As we said, Rise of the Ronin will have a character creation option. However, we don’t know how deep Team Ninja will dive into this feature.

Nioh and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, two of their past popular releases, both featured in-depth character customization allowing you to perfectly sculpt your character to your liking. They’ve jotted the formula down to the tee. So it’s pretty likely that we’ll see something of the same nature in the upcoming release.

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The basic things like customizing the facial features, body shape, voice, are all pretty normal to expect. Other than that, the players will also be able to equip different armors to change up how their character looks inside the game.

Team Ninja claimed that this game would be their magnum opus, the most ambitious game that they’ve made so far. Considering the quality of their previous games, it’s a pretty bold statement that got many gamers super excited for release day.

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to expect that the devs will kick things up a notch and bring us something entirely new and unique to the character creation experience in Rise of the Ronin. With the release day dawning ever closer, we hope you’re just as excited to try it out as you are. Good luck!

How Deep is the Character Creation in Rise of the Ronin?
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