House Flipper 2 Cleaning Guide

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House Flipper 2 Cleaning Guide

House Flipper 2 offers players various things to do using different tools. Among the various things, especially at the beginning of your adventure, the thing you will need to focus on most is cleaning. House Flipper 2 cleaning is something you can't do without, even if your main purpose is to build. After having given you some general advice on the things to focus on as soon as you start the game, it is now a good idea to go into a little more detail about the various things you can do in House Flipper 2.

Best House Flipper 2 Cleaning Practices You Should Follow

The first thing we absolutely want to underline is that you will have to familiarize yourself not only with the House Flipper 2 cleaning tools, but also with the vacuuming and collecting trash tools. This is a fundamental thing, as these are tools without which you absolutely cannot proceed in Story Mode. Luckily for you, the game has been set up in such a way that it slowly introduces you to all these tools that are present in order to give you time to learn the game mechanics.

However, there are some essential things to take into consideration. In fact, the activity of cleaning may seem trivial, but it is not. But let's explain better. In the game, you will have the opportunity to clean different environments where dirt can be found practically everywhere. For this reason, therefore, it is very easy for you to miss something and waste time trying to find out what that thing is that you forgot to clean and then discover that you didn't clean a little corner on the ceiling properly. To prevent this from happening, our main advice is to pay close attention to all environments and clean one area thoroughly, rechecking several times if necessary, before moving on to the next.

Cleaning tools

As soon as you set foot in your first home (figuratively speaking, of course), you will have classic cleaning tools available in your cleaning arsenal that also reflect those of reality. Those who have already played the previous chapter will certainly be more familiar with the House Flipper 2 cleaning tools, but even those who start their adventure in this way for the first time will not find great difficulties. Arm yourself with a spray bottle and rag to clean everything that needs cleaning!

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Fortunately, the game tries to help you by telling you how many dirt stains there are to clean in a certain environment, so that you can have a general idea, even if it won't tell you their exact location. Some of them, however, are very simple to identify, especially the larger and more flashy ones; others, however, will be well hidden and only a very attentive eye will be able to find them. In fact, some of these spots have been positioned in such a way that they blend in with everything else, making your life more complicated.

Furthermore, as we have already told you previously, one of the major critical issues we found in House Flipper 2 was the fact that some small spots were not cleaned well, leaving small fragments of dirt. These little bits and pieces are the ones that can make dirt hunting excruciating, as they are actually very difficult to see. However, even in this case, the game tries to simplify everything by giving you the possibility of using a scanner that is able to detect any residue of dirt found in the room, so if you are in trouble, you can refer to it.

Finally, as regards the classic House Flipper 2 cleaning tools, we certainly cannot forget the squeegee, which will allow you to clean windows and glass doors. These things are not very difficult to clean; just approach them and the game will automatically transform any cleaning tool you have into a squeegee (if this isn't the case, try approaching it from a different angle). Fortunately, when the window or glass door is completely clean, you will see the usual stars appear to let you know that your work is finished there.

house flipper 2 cleaning

Don't forget the vacuum

What would the House Flipper 2 cleaning guide be if we didn't talk about the vacuum? The vacuum is an extremely important tool for the game's economy. There will be several things that you will have to vacuum up using this tool, such as dead flowers, sand, broken glass, small waste, and so on. But when should you use the vacuum? Our advice is to approach the dirt first with your spray and your rag to see if it comes away; if it doesn't, it means that the time has come to change tools and use the vacuum. However, keep in mind that larger items will need to be picked up and thrown in the trash.

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Take out the garbage

We said that the vacuum is not able to vacuum larger objects such as cans, cartons, plastic bottles, or any other object that is too large. In this case, you will have to resort to using a garbage bag to collect everything that is lying around in House Flipper 2. In this regard, our advice is to dedicate time to collecting trash, which can be found practically anywhere, even in the places you least expect, because it will allow you to earn more experience points. As you progress with your adventure, you will unlock more and more perks that will allow you to have increasingly larger bags, thus saving you from trips to the garbage bin.

Not everything you pick up should be thrown away

Finally, we absolutely want to tell you that not everything you collect around the house in House Flipper 2 will have to be thrown away. In fact, some objects that are still in good condition and can therefore be reused can be sold. Consequently, our advice is to make use of the flipper tool before you decide to take out your garbage bag and throw everything away. This will allow you to increase your earnings, which is certainly more than welcome. Furthermore, even in this case, you can rely on some perks that will allow you to increase the number of things you can sell or carry at the same time.

house flipper 2 cleaning

House Flipper 2 Cleaning Guide
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