Horizon Forbidden West Makes its Way Towards PC Early 2024

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Horizon Forbidden West Makes its Way Towards PC Early 2024

Horizon Forbidden West is unveiled to be the next biggest PS Exclusive to be ported to PC

Nixxes Software, a Dutch port house, has confirmed that Horizon Forbidden West, a sci-fi action-RPG game, will be making its way to PC in “early 2024.” This is exciting news for fans of the game as it marks the latest addition to Sony's growing list of first-party exclusives that have made the leap from PlayStation 5 to platforms such as Steam and the Epic Games Store. It's always great to see beloved games reach a wider audience, and we look forward to experiencing Horizon Forbidden West on PC in early 2024.

Horizon Forbidden West Makes its Way Towards PC Early 2024

Guerrilla Games has teamed up with Nixxes to develop the PC version of Forbidden West, the highly anticipated sequel featuring Aloy's adventures in a machine-infested American Midwest. This edition will be the complete version of the game, incorporating the base campaign with the Burning Shores expansion, which takes players to a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Fans of the franchise can look forward to an immersive gaming experience that seamlessly integrates the best of both worlds.

At this time, there have been no indications of the minimum or recommended PC specifications for the game. However, based on the visually stunning open-world concept of the game, it is probable that a powerful gaming rig will be required to fully enjoy the experience. With the exception of The Last of Us Part 1’s initial launch issues, Sony has done a commendable job ensuring that their PC ports are of high quality.

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Sony has made a big move in expanding its PlayStation exclusives to the PC gaming world. The first game to make its way to Steam was Horizon Zero Dawn, and it was followed by other popular titles such as Days Gone, God of War, and the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection. Sony has a pattern of waiting around two years before releasing the PC port of these games after their console launch. If this trend continues, we can expect to see God of War Ragnarök on Steam sometime next year.


Embark on an adventure in Horizon Forbidden West, a captivating open-world game that will take you on a thrilling journey of hunting colossal robotic creatures while uncovering the secrets of Earth's past. This game has managed to improve upon its predecessor by adopting a “better but more of the same” strategy, and it will leave you spellbound with its intricate world and the multitude of activities you can indulge in. The PC community will warmly welcome it when it hits platforms like Steam and Epic Store in early 2024.

Horizon Forbidden West Makes its Way Towards PC Early 2024
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