Honkai Star Rail 1.2: Kafka and Blade Banner and New Story

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Honkai Star Rail 1.2: Kafka and Blade Banner and New Story

Honkai Star Rail 1.2 is coming! Soon! With Kafka, Blade, and finally a new story expansion! Here is everything you need to know! Including Codes!

1.2 Even Immortality Ends

Honkai Star Rail 1.2, Even Immortality Ends will release on July 19, 2023, and will be the first story expansion of the popular mobile RPG! Aside from a slew of new updates, new events, and characters, we'll also see two more areas to explore and new Trailblaze Missions!

The new Trailblaze Missions seem to wrap up the story of the Xianzhou and the Abundance. And we might even see the next leg of the journey of the Nameless. Check out the trailer if you want to know more!

Honkai Star Rail 1.2 Stream Codes!

Here are all the codes from the most recent Special Program. Keep in mind that they are only valid when activated within 24 hours after the event. So make sure to claim them!

  • 7B6B7GBZTVTB 100x Stellar Jade, 50.000 credits
  • MSPT7HAZTCTX 100x Stellar Jade, 5x Traveler's Guide
  • 5TPBPGAGBDAK 100x Stellar Jade, 4x Refined Aether

New Characters, Banners & Light Cones

The new Banners and Characters will kick off with the launch of patch 1.2. Here are all the Character/Light Cone Banners, their content, and when you can expect them!

Starting things off on July 19, are Blades Event Banner's “A Lost Soul” and the Light Cone Banner “Brilliant Fixation”: 3le02YC d

  • Character Event Warp: “A Lost Soul”
    • Blade (5-Star)
    • Arlan (4-Star)
    • Sushang (4-Star)
    • Natasha (4-Star)

EIP1Oo2 d

  • Light Cone Event Warp “Brilliant Fixation”
    • The Unreachable Side (5-Star, Destruction)
    • A Secret Vod (4-Star, Destruction)
    • Shared Feeling (4-Star, Destruction)
    • Swordplay (4-Star, Destruction)

The second Banner Events of 1.2 belong to everyone's favorite absent mother figure Kafka! The Banner is expected to kick off on August 8, 2023 with the Banners “Nessun Dorma” and “Brilliant Fixation”:

UfeBzLZ d

  • Character Event Warp: “Nessun Dorma”
    • Kafka (5-Star)
    • Luka (4-Star)
    • Sampo (4-Star)
    • Serval (4-Star)

Honkai Star Rail 1.2

  • Light Cone Event Warp “Brilliant Fixation”
    • Patience Is All You Need (5-Star, Nihility)
    • Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat (4-Star, Nihility)
    • Eyes of the Prey (4-Star, Nihility)
    • The Birth of the Self (4-Star, Erudition)

New Companion Missions:

Part of this Update is new Companion Missions! While the requirements are not known as of writing, we assume these will unlock once you've completed the 1.2 Trailblaze Missions.

Letter from a Strange Woman: The Trailblazer receives a letter from the one and only Stellaron Hunter Kafka. We might get to know a little about her past or maybe what she's up to this time

For I Have Touched the Sky: A Companion Mission involving Yukong, the Helm Master of the Sky-Fairing Commission. We might learn more about the brutal battle that sidelined her from most combat-related duties.


Here are all the events you can expect from the upcoming 1.2 Honkai Star Rail update!

Tales of the Fantastic

With the Crisis on the Loufu put behind them, stories of the Nameless feats can be heard on every street corner of the Luofu. Now Mr. Xiyan, the storyteller of Starskiff Haven is interested to weave tales of the Trailblazer's adventurers.

Underground Treasure Hunt

There is a “Treasure Hunt” craze happening in Belobog. New relicts have appeared in the Underworld and they seem to be connected to the Ancient Ruins in the Great Mine.

Here you complete a series of Treasure Hunts that get more difficult as you descend deeper into Belobog's Great Mine.

Where Are You, Mystery Trotter

Scientist Regin's sensors pick up new readings. And after an infield investigation at the given coordinates, the cause of the mysterious readings has been discovered! And it's a mysterious trotter!

New Gift of Odyseey Event!

Log in on 7 separate days during the Event's span for a total of 10x Star Rail Special Pass.

Forgotten Hall Update

The Voyage of Navis Astriger – The Forgotten Hall has collected memories about the Xianzhou and new Challenges await!

Completing certain cards of the event will reward you with the 4-Star Character Yukong.

Simulated Universe Update, World 7

In World 7's Immersion Devices, Trailblazers can exchange for the Planar Ornaments Rutilant Arena and Broken Kneel.

For more on Honkai Star Rail, its newest patch and everything else related to the Nameless Crew, make sure to check out our dedicated page here!

Honkai Star Rail 1.2: Kafka and Blade Banner and New Story
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