Holo X Break Best Equipment

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Holo X Break Best Equipment

Holo x Break has been enjoying good success in recent days and although it is not a very simple game to approach (here are some of our tips), it is actually a fairly short game. However, being in possession of the Holo x Break best equipment can certainly make the difference.

In this article, therefore, we will tell you the best items that you absolutely must try to make the game easier. Obviously, there is no one thing that is best for everyone, but you will surely find something that is right for you and that suits your way of playing.

Holo X Break Best Equipment

Since Holo X Break is a roguelike game, finding the items that are considered the best is certainly not an easy thing to do. Everything is RNG-based, so it might take a while before you're able to create a build that's actually what you want. In any case, here are the items that you should definitely try if you are lucky enough to find them during your adventure.

Happi Coat

This is definitely one of the best pieces of gear you can find in Holo X Break. In fact, its purpose is to ensure that your character can heal himself automatically, without the support of other objects. In this case, you can also stall enemies to gain health or open chests. In short, this is definitely a piece of equipment that you can't miss out on.

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Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves allow you to boost your attacks, increasing the damage you can inflict every time you hit an opponent. This is certainly a very interesting and useful item, since it allows you to kill enemies faster.

Holo X Break


This is another item that focuses on care. In fact, every time you use one of the skills present in Holo X Break, your character will heal himself. In case you can't find the Happi Coat, this is definitely the best choice to make.

Reaper's Cloak

In the article where we gave you some general tips on how to approach the game, we told you that dodging is fundamental and you should make use of it whenever you can. This item reinforces this concept even further. In fact, it will cause your dodge to inflict damage on nearby opponents. So, not only will you not take damage, but you will inflict some as a sort of counterattack.

Time Ring

If you are a player who prefers the use of skills and powers while playing, this piece of equipment is definitely for you. In fact, once equipped, it will allow you to shorten the recharge time of both the POwer and the 2nd Ability.

Nurse Horn

This is a healing item that is used whenever you are able to score a critical hit. This means that if you continue to deal damage, you will be practically almost invincible. As a result, it's an item definitely worth checking out, especially if you have a more aggressive playstyle.

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Holo X Break

Golden Apple

This item means that you recover more health and that the time to revitalize your allies is shorter. In certain situations, being in possession of this item is certainly a very useful thing, as you have a great chance of staying alive longer.

School Uniform

This piece of equipment is very interesting because it is able to give you a series of buffs as long as you manage to keep your health high. Consequently, if you combine it with items that specialize in healing, it is certainly an excellent option to take into consideration.

The Secret Society Helmet

By equipping this item in Holo X Break, enemies will prefer to attack you rather than your allies and this is useful if you want to prevent them from being overwhelmed by enemies. Obviously, your defense statistics will improve, giving you the chance to survive more easily.

Cat Pin and Dog Pin

These items are very useful because they allow you to reduce the cooldown times of your skills. Consequently, if you are a player who uses skills a lot, you may certainly find advantages in using these items.

Holo X Break Best Equipment
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