High on Life DLC High on Knife Gameplay Trailer

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High on Life DLC High on Knife Gameplay Trailer

IGN's YouTube channel has published a brand-new gameplay trailer for High on Knife, the paid expansion pack for High on Life set to release in the fall of 2023. The gameplay footage demonstrates the talking knife Knifey's increased capabilities, showing how it can now be used to perform close-range killings and mutilations after changing into a chainsaw dagger.

High on Life DLC gameplay trailer

The new B.A.L.L. weapon is demonstrated in the High on Life DLC High on Knife video as well. This pistol, in contrast to the others, is controlled by three tiny blue animals instead of having a speaking mouth. In its default firing mode, a pinball ball is fired at full force, bounces off of adversaries, and if it returns to us, we can fire at it again with more force, up until it overheats and explodes. To make the marble bounce further and strike more targets, it is feasible to use the secondary fire to lay down enormous pinball bumpers on the floor.

We also point out that just a few hours ago Squanch Games released High on Life on PS5 and PS4, which is now available for purchase. The High on Knife expansion will arrive on PlayStation consoles in conjunction with the other platforms, namely PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

“The fans talked. And talked. And talked some more,” said Mike Fridley, the studio director of Squanch Games. “We have been thrilled with the reception High On Life has received since its launch in December. Our fans on PlayStation have been a little less enthusiastic, which is why we are thrilled to announce that the game will be coming to them very soon too. That is right now! Thanks for your patience!”.

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High on Life DLC High on Knife Gameplay Trailer
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