Here’s Everything We Know So Far About Forza Motorsport

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Here’s Everything We Know So Far About Forza Motorsport

Prepare for the ultimate roadshow as Forza Motorsport hits the market on October 10th

Forza Motorsport is finally hitting the tracks in just a matter of days. It's been three long years since developer Take 10 began working on this new and exciting generation of high-speed racing games, but the wait has been worth it. Boasting hundreds of vehicles, an upgraded physics system, and visuals that are sure to impress, Motorsport is a game to catch.

As a first-party title from Xbox Game Studios, this game could become one of the best Xbox Series X games ever. We've got all the juicy details for you, from the release date to the gameplay mechanics, so you can be fully prepared for what's to come.

Release Date of Forza Motorsport

Here's Everything We Know So Far About Forza Motorsport

Get ready to rev your engines! The highly anticipated Forza Motorsport has officially been released on October 10, 2023. Turn 10 has confirmed that the newest addition to the Forza franchise will be available for both Xbox Series X and PC, and even better, it will be available on day one for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. 

Forza Motorsport Gameplay Details

Here's Everything We Know So Far About Forza Motorsport

This latest version promises to take simulation racing to a new level with an even more detailed simulation engine. You'll experience the thrill of motorsport like never before, with each tire's physics being sampled at six points instead of one. And with eight times the number of samples per second, the physics calculations per tire will be 48 times more accurate than in Forza Motorsport 7. 

Players can now choose from different tire compounds, manage tire and fuel usage, and customize their cars with mechanical upgrades. Multiplayer mode has also been revamped with free-practice sessions, qualifying rounds, and fuel strategy options, making for an even more immersive experience. The game boasts accurate calendar-based race times, similar to those in Gran Turismo 7. Moreover, official announcements have teased the introduction of all-new, different game modes, though details remain wrapped.

Forza Motorsport Developer Direct

At the Xbox Developer Direct in January 2023, the development team at Turn 10 Studios gave us an exclusive look at Forza Motorsport and the incredible technology making it a reality. Creative director Chris Esaki kicked off the showcase by declaring that Forza Motorsport was “built from the ground up” to take full advantage of the Xbox Series X and boldly proclaimed it the “most technically advanced racing game ever made.”

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Reporters were blown away by a glimpse into the intricate details of the game, from its stunning ray-tracing features to the ability to customize your ride fully, the impressive sound design, and the game's ability to render at an incredible 4K at 60fps. The studio has even claimed that Forza Motorsport is the most comprehensive game in the series, surpassing the tech advancements of its predecessors, Forza Motorsport 5, 6, and 7 combined.

Confirmed Tracks for Forza Motorsport 

The developers are taking a giant leap forward by building each track from scratch for the new generation. During the showcase, the beloved Maple Valley Raceway was revealed with stunningly detailed surrounding countryside, which players may not even notice during regular gameplay. 

This new level of world-building is made possible with advanced procedural generation techniques for the trackside scenery and full dynamic time-of-day effects. Not only that, but players can adjust how fast time passes to their liking. And the best part? Every single track in the game will have these features.

Your vehicle's grip is affected by various factors, such as the sun's position, track conditions, and ambient temperatures. The state of the racing line and the weather can also have a significant impact. The WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca and Circuit de Spa Francorchamps are among the most popular tracks in the series, and they have been recently laser-scanned. 

In addition, two new circuits have been introduced: Kyalami, a former F1 circuit in South Africa, and Circuit Hakone, a high-speed GP-style course near Mount Fuji in Japan. More all-new tracks will be announced soon, so stay tuned for updates!

Forza Motorsport Cars

While we eagerly await the official list of cars, we already have the inside scoop on 37 confirmed vehicles. One of the most impressive was the BMW M8 GTE, which stole the show with its sleek ‘Mission-8' design. And that's not all – we also caught sight of some brand new additions, like the powerful Nissan 370Z Nismo, the sleek Audi RS E-Tron GT, and the lightning-fast Brabham BT62 hypercar. 

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Some of the most epic cars are back for the upcoming game, including the sleek 2019 McLaren Senna GTR, the powerful 2020 Lamborghini Huracan EVO, and the stunning 1966 McLaren M2B. And that's not all! Top-notch brands like Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi, Aston Martin, Chevrolet, and Porsche will also be featured. What's more, the legendary 1991 Le Mans-winning Mazda 787B is also here. It's been confirmed that the game will focus on modern cars and motorsport, and the selection shown so far testifies to that. 

Car Damage Modeling

During the presentation, a specific aspect that received considerable attention was the revamped damage system in Forza Motorsport. As expected in a game featuring authorized vehicles, the level of destruction doesn't match that seen in Burnout or Wreckfest. However, collisions will result in minor dents and scratches on the car's bodywork, particularly around the metal parts' edges. Moreover, the spokes of alloy wheels may exhibit abrasions due to the impact. 

Nonetheless, when given a chance to delve deeper into the impact of damage and dirt on the vehicle beyond the visual appeal, Chris Esaki, the Creative Director of the game, evaded the query and emphasized that the car's narrative is communicated through its bruises and blemishes. This implies that Forza Motorsport may not include any mechanical damage. 

Is Ray Tracing Available for Forza Motorsport?

Dan Greenawalt, the General Manager of Turn 10, has officially announced that the cutting-edge ray tracing technology will be implemented in all scenes of Forza Motorsport. This includes the real-time, on-track gameplay, which is a remarkable achievement. In comparison, Gran Turismo 7 on PS5 only permits the utilization of ray tracing during replays and showroom scenes, and even then, it operates at a lower frame rate.

Experience the thrill of Forza Motorsport with the incredible ray tracing feature. Picture the stunning image of cars reflecting off each other's shiny bodywork, with the sun's rays bringing out vibrant spot highlights. And that's not all; the non-gameplay scenes will be just as mesmerizing, with globally illuminated ray-traced lighting leaving you in awe. Get ready to witness some truly spectacular visuals with Forza Motorsport!

Here’s Everything We Know So Far About Forza Motorsport
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