Helldivers 2 Weapon Upgrades – How to Do It

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Helldivers 2 Weapon Upgrades – How to Do It

Helldivers 2 is here, and a lot of people want to know how to upgrade their weapons. So, let’s learn everything about the Helldivers 2 Weapon Upgrades.

The Helldivers 2 weapon upgrade system is a bit confusing, especially if you do not have a lot of experience with the game. I realize that most of you fall into this category, so before you start looking for the Helldivers 2 best weapons, let’s learn everything about the upgrades.

Helldivers 2 Weapon Upgrades – How Does it Work

To begin the process of upgrading your Helldivers 2 weapon, you have to go to the Ship Management. Once there, you will see three different options:

  • Destroyer
  • Stratagems
  • Ship Module

Choosing the second option will give you a list of the Helldivers 2 best secondary weapons or the so-called support weapons. This is the “third weapon slot”. You can see each one and how it works, and in order to buy it, you need to spend your in-game currency. You can earn the latter by playing and completing missions. 

Since I wanted to focus on the Helldivers 2 Weapon Upgrades, you should focus on the third section called “Ship Module”.  Here, you will find different trees, each of which is upgradable. What makes the upgrade different from purchasing a secondary weapon is that you can’t do it with the in-game currency. Instead, you will need the green samples. 

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It is really important to know what you are doing because this resource is not easy to get. There are many different upgrades you can choose from, so I suggest taking a look at each alternative. Some will increase your damage output, but you will also find a lot of defensive options.

Unlocking Helldivers 2 Weapons – How Does it Work

Now that you know everything about the Helldivers 2 weapon upgrades, I also wanted to share a few words about the weapons and how to unlock them. As mentioned, each player has a primary weapon and a secondary one. To unlock the different alternatives, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the Acquisition Menu.
  • Choose the War Bonds menu and select what you want to unlock. Each option will require a specific number of medals that you have to be ready to spend. Of course, the Helldivers best weapons will require more than others.


Now that you know everything about the Helldivers 2 Weapon Upgrades, it’s time to start playing and get the option you want to. I am a huge fan of the game so make sure you follow ESTNN for more amazing content.

Helldivers 2 Weapon Upgrades – How to Do It
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