Helldivers 2 Meta Loadout – What Is Hot Right Now

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Helldivers 2 Meta Loadout – What Is Hot Right Now

If you have ever wondered what Helldivers 2 Meta Loudout is, it’s time to learn more about it. Allow us to show you everything important.

Securing the best Helldivers 2 meta build is very important if you want to rip through your enemies and be successful. Of course, you also need to be flexible and change your loadouts, depending on the mission you have to complete.

Speaking of the Helldivers 2 Meta Loudout, there are certain things that work in almost all cases, especially when playing against some of the toughest opponents. The game receives changes that affect the meta, but our team has found some of the best options you can get right now, so let’s dive in.

Helldivers 2 Meta Loadout – Weapon

At the time of writing (March 10), this is the best Helldivers 2 Meta Loadout you should go for:

  • Grenade – G-16 Impact
  • Primary Weapon – SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary or SG-8s Slugger
  • Secondary Weapon – P-19 Redeemer

Those of you who have experience in Helldivers 2 are aware that both Primary Weapons are among the best you can get right now. The shotguns are always worth using, and the one that offers incendiary can do tons of damage against pretty much all units. 

Moving on to the secondary weapon, there is no arguing you need the P-10 Redeemer in your Helldivers 2 Meta Loudoun. This is the best gun to take down mid and small-sized enemies, and it can do wonders in many situations.

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Regarding the grenades, our recommendation is to focus on the G-16 Impact because of its insane damage output. However, there are some cases where you might be better off with the G-10 Incendiary, especially against armored units. The fact that you can also do burn damage makes it very effective against those. Now that you know that Helldivers 2 Meta Weapon Loudouts, let’s take a look at the Strategems and Boosters

Helldivers 2 Meta Loadout – Strategems and Boosters

  • Stratagem 1 – Eagle Strafing Run
  • Stratagem 2 – Supply Pack
  • Stratagem 3 – Machine GUn
  • Stratagem 4 – Orbital Railcannon
  • Booster – Stamina Enhancement

We have tried several different alternatives here, but our tests have proven these are some of the best options. Once again, the meta changes regularly, so follow us for future updates.

Helldivers 2 Meta Loadout – What Is Hot Right Now
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