Helldivers 2 Lore Explained

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Helldivers 2 Lore Explained

Helldivers 2 is a looter shooter in which we can cooperate with up to three other players to complete our mission. However, what many are wondering, especially those who haven't had the opportunity to play the first chapter, is what the Helldivers 2 lore is behind the game.

If you are one of those people, luckily for you, you are in the right place. In this article, in fact, we will give you some information on the lore of Helldivers 2, so that you can have a more complete vision of the story of the game.

Helldivers 2 Lore Continues From Helldivers

Helldivers 2 takes place a century after its predecessor. Super Earth, against all odds, emerged triumphant in the face of its former adversaries: the daunting Terminids, the eerie Cyborgs, and the enigmatic Illuminates. Following the conclusion of the Galactic War, a serene era dawned, rendering the once indispensable Helldivers obsolete in the eyes of Super Earth's leadership.

The breakthroughs in technology courtesy of the Illuminates paved the path for Super Earth's expansion beyond its confines, heralding an epoch dubbed The Great Democratization. However, the propulsion system powering these interstellar journeys relied on a rare element known as E-710, sourced from the carcasses of Terminids.

Consequently, Super Earth initiated mass cultivation of these creatures to ensure a steady supply of this vital resource.

helldivers 2 lore

Yet, fate took an unexpected turn when the Terminids broke free from captivity, proliferating unchecked across the galaxy. Despite valiant efforts by Super Earth's armed forces to contain the burgeoning threat, the challenge loomed large.

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To compound matters, a new adversary emerged on the scene: the Automatons. Their arrival brought a fresh wave of uncertainty, as their emblem bore an unsettling resemblance to something known but elusive.

In this precarious scenario, players once again assume the mantle of Helldivers, charged with safeguarding Super Earth's burgeoning colonies. Across myriad planetary landscapes, they will engage adversaries in fierce combat, while Super Earth grapples with the escalating Terminid crisis. Every action undertaken by players will leave an indelible mark on the unfolding narrative, influencing the destiny of the galaxy itself.

Super Earth will issue sweeping global missions, demanding synchronized efforts from all players to achieve success. The outcomes of these missions will serve as pivotal junctures, steering the course of the overarching storyline.

Collaboration becomes paramount as players navigate the treacherous terrain of interstellar conflict, striving to tip the scales in favor of Super Earth's survival. The vast expanse of the galaxy beckons, fraught with peril and promise alike.

As Helldivers, players hold the key to shaping the fate of civilizations and determining the legacy of Super Earth in the annals of cosmic history.

Helldivers 2 Lore Explained
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