Helldivers 2 Daily Personal Orders To Return in March 5 Update

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Helldivers 2 Daily Personal Orders To Return in March 5 Update

Daily Orders are making a comeback in Helldivers 2, here's when and how.

Players had missed the Daily Personal orders in Helldivers 2, and Arrowhead didnt explain their removal, nor shared any infornation as when they come back. However, through the official Helldivers 2 discord servers, the team has teased the return of Personal orders in Helldivers 2, along with a balance patch will introduce some changes.

Helldivers 2 is among the hottest titles on Steam since CSGO and Dota 2, and it doesn't look to stop just there.

What are Daily Personal Orders in Helldivers 2?

Daily Personal Orders are important daily objectives useful for players to farm medals, and also rank up. The removal of daily orders was due to server overload , as the Helldivers dev team themselves weren't expecting their second installment to the top-down shooter to emerge this successful.

Daily Personal Orders in Helldivers are not the only way for players to farm medals, but are indeed one of the most easiest and efficient ways to get in-game medals to purchase stuff from your Helldiver. The Daily Challenges allow the player to earn rewards and medals by offering objectives and tasks to complete.

However, these aren’t necessarily ‘daily’, as they remained daily objectives only for 12 days after launch. Anyhow, players are excited for their return, as they remain one of the easiest ways to farm medals in Helldivers 2.

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The balance patch will obviously ship a list of changes and adjustments for several weapons in the game including a popular armament that Arrowhead looks to nerf with a balance update.

Helldivers 2 is routinely updated with balance patches and micro patches AKA hotfixes that tend to fix the game's list of issues since launch. Helldivers has been plagued with server overload crashes and issues that have caused some dissapointment for fans of the game.

But Arrowhead Studios have been so far quick to ship fixes and glitches with the game. The most recent one being the announcement for the return of Daily Personal Orders, and they should be live in-game by 9AM CET on March 5 tomorrow.

Helldivers 2 is available to play on PC via Steam and on the PlayStation 5.

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