Helldivers 2 and nProtect GameGuard

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Helldivers 2 and nProtect GameGuard

Helldivers 2 gets a rocky launch, and players blame GameGuard. We will be looking into why Helldivers 2 and nProtect GameGuard is an issue.

Helldivers 2 had a rather disappointing launch earlier today. With constant bugs and glitches, the game has been suffering from performance issues since its launch. The game is also unopenable on certain operating systems and portable consoles.

The community quickly looked into why the game was causing these issues and immediately found a culprit. Gamers believe the anti-cheat nProtect GameGuard is causing the performance issues that Helldivers is suffering from.

We will be looking into why the game is functioning so poorly on multiple devices.

Helldivers 2 and nProtect GameGuard

Helldivers 2 launched with nProtect GameGuard as its primary anti-cheat software. It was put in place to stop players from cheating in the game and make the game boring for everyone else. GameGuard, however, does not have a good reputation in the gaming community. This is because the software has caused similar issues for other games in the past.

Moreover, GameGuard is not the strongest anti-cheat software on the market. There have been many cases where the anti-cheat is completely overridden, and cheaters still wreak havoc in games.

Some gamers have also complained about GameGuard being a Kernel-level software or rootkit, in other words. This is an issue as, being a Rootkit, the software has access to many of a computer's innermost systems. It could also easily be hiding Malware, which the user would have no way of finding out.

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Why is Helldivers 2 Crashing Frequently?

GameGuard is a Windows based software. Therefore, the operating system required to run the game must be Windows. The game has refused to work on any other operating system that it was downloaded to. This includes the operating system on Steamdeck. Players who paid full price for the game are unable to play it as it was not clearly stated as a prerequisite for download.

Additionally, because GameGuard is a Kernel-Level software, anti-virus software finds it to be some kind of malware and denies it to open the game.

Helldivers 2 and nProtect GameGuard
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