Hell Let Loose Platforms: Is It Crossplay? Details Explained

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Hell Let Loose Platforms: Is It Crossplay? Details Explained

Is Hell Let Loose Crossplay? What Platforms can you play Hell Let Loose on? We’ve explained everything in detail for you in this article.

The massive WW2 FPS released late back in 2019 has noticed an uptick in its overall popularity and player count thanks it being available for players to enjoy on Xbox Game Pass now.

The game is a squad-based first-person shooter set in some of the bloodiest conflicts of World War 2. The game has is developed by Black Matter games and the game takes players through historic war-torn recreated battlefields like Omaha Beach, Stalingrad, Carentan, and more for large-scale 50v50 multiplayer battles.

Each game lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes. At the start of the match, both teams are granted control of the two strongpoints closest to their HQ, while the middle strongpoint is considered neutral territory. The game prioritizes communication and teamplay, and you must work with your team in order to be successful. Going all solo isn’t going to help you much in this World War 2 shooter.

The game is like other popular titles like Battlefield but the damage system causes you to work with your team in order to capture all of the standpoints and win the match. You can’t expect much success if you aren’t communicating with your team and just flanking your opponents all solo. Expect to get easily killed there.

This article reveals all the platforms for the 50v50 shooter title players can invest all the time on their hands in, and also if the game support cross platform play or cross platform progression like some of the more popular shooter titles.

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Is Hell Let Loose Crossplay?

However, the game is crossplay for all console players, i.e all current gen consoles the game currently supports -Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. According to what the developers revealed in the tweet, PC is still separate from Console players, and PC players will only get to battle their PC friends. While Xbox and PS players can group up together for a game.

The tweet was sent in 2021, and a lot of time has passed ever since, however we now expect them to make Hell Let Loose support full crossplay. There was no clear explanation given about why the game doesn’t full support multi-platform Crossplay, but we reckon its most likely due to mouse and keyboard users having an advantage over players who use a controller.

How to Enable And Disable Crossplay In Hell Let Loose?

Upon booting up the game for the first time, the game will ask you whether you want to enable crossplay or not. From this screen, you can accept or decline Hell Let Loose cross-platform play. With the game recently available on Game Pass, you’re most likely to notice fewer matchmaking wait-times with crossplay enabled.

However, this is not the only time you can select whether to enable crossplay or not. You can go to the Settings menu and enable/disable from it further later.

  1. Launch Hell Let Loose
  2. From the same menu that opens up, press Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) to open up Preferences
  3. Head over to ‘Crossplay Enabled’ and set it to either ‘Yes’ OR ‘No

What Platforms Does Hell Let Loose Support?

The game is available to play on the Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, on PC for free by purchasing the Game pass/or a purchase through Steam, and on any device that supports Microsoft’s proprietary cloud gaming service Xbox Cloud.

Hell Let Loose is now available to play at no added cost if you’re a subscriber of the Xbox Game pass. The game was launched back in 2021, with an early access launch to specific Steam players in 2019, two years before the full fledged release.

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