How to Get the Headless Horseman Mount in World of Warcraft

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How to Get the Headless Horseman Mount in World of Warcraft

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Headless Horseman Mount. With a roughly 0.4% drop chance, you’ll need to get lady luck on your side if you want to pick up this spooky flying horse. Below, you’ll find our quick tips on how to get the mount, and a few simple tricks to increase your chances.

Where does the Headless Horseman’s Mount drop

The mount drops from the Headless Horseman at the end of the dungeon encounter. To queue for the dungeon, you can do one of two things – either find the dungeon queue NPC inside your faction’s capital city (location shown below) or, head to the Dungeon Finder tool by pressing (I) in game (also pictured below) and queue for The Headless Horseman event.

You’ll need to select one of the three roles as you would for any instance, and then wait for the queue to pop. Once it does, you’ll be informed of what role you have been assigned (assuming you selected multiple) and then you’ll enter. If you are not in the correct spec, do make sure to change before the fight. There’s nothing worse than dealing with DPS while queuing as a healer, and not healing.

Alliance Dungeon Vendor Join Queue

OG Dungeon master

Once you join the instance, simply finish the fight and loot the Horseman’s body for your Loot-Filled Pumpkin – this is how you’ll get the mount. You can do this once per day per character, and you’ll need to be level 10-50 to queue.

WoW SoD Rogue Best in Slot

However, only level 45+ players can receive the Horseman’s Mount, so be sure to hit that level first. Doing so before will still net you loot and allow you to group with higher level players, it will just mean your end loot won’t contain specific high-level rewards, such as the mount.

The Headless Horseman encounter

The encounter is a pretty simple two-phase fight which repeats three times. You’ll need to kill the Horseman, at which point his head will fly off and you’ll need to kill a number of adds that spawn in the area. Do that three times and he’ll die for good.

WoWScrnShot 102120 005832

A look at the Headless Horseman Encounter

The fight itself takes place in a modified version of the Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard dungeon. Once you accept the queue, you’ll be placed just beside the encounter’s start point, so once your group is ready click on the alter to start the encounter and take down the Horseman. You’ll get a short bit of RP dialog before the Horseman spawns, which will cause the player who started the encounter to speak in the local text channel for some added RP nonsense.

Providing your group is made up of the correct 1 Tank, 1 Healer, and 3 DPS composition intended for the encounter – and people don’t queue for the wrong role to speed the queue up – the fight is relatively easy, even with poor gear. The most punishing job is for the healer, especially if the DPS is not paying attention to the AOEs. In the screenshot above, I was the healer and no player ever dropped below 50% HP.

How to Get the Headless Horseman Mount in World of Warcraft
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