“He Doesn’t Understand What’s Coming” – Slim Interview – MF DAZN: X Series 002

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“He Doesn’t Understand What’s Coming” – Slim Interview – MF DAZN: X Series 002

We spoke to Slim ahead of MF & DAZN: X Series 002.

Slim has risen to the top of the crossover influencer boxing scene in a very short space of time. He is now loved by the community, and is almost seen as the people's main event for this upcoming card on Saturday, October 15th. Slim takes on Ryan Taylor, and with lots of tension between the fighters, Slim explained more about the bad blood in our interview.

What's your game plan for Saturday night?

Slim: There’s a lot of beef; it’s a very personal fight for me. But I’m going to go in there and box, do me, this is what I do. I’m going to outbox him and then hurt him. I’m going to really hurt this guy. He doesn't understand what's coming. He’s going to find out on Saturday night, though.

Can you explain a bit more about the beef between yourself and Ryan Taylor?

Slim: He jumped me back in June with a pro MMA fighter. He jumped me and damaged my left eye. My left eye is not the same anymore, my vision is not the same compared to my right eye now, I used to have perfect vision. He jumped me without me trying to fight back; that’s the most punk shit you can ever do. He’s not a one-on-one fighter kind of guy, so I’m going to show the world that when you get this guy in a one-on-one fight, how one-sided it will be. If I was fighting back that day he jumped me, I would’ve knocked him out. 

He pushed me to the ground, I threw a little faint after I got up and then I stepped back, I thought the altercation was done. He still came forward, grabbed me in a headlock and his boy cracked me in the eye. I was pinned down, I had no help. But whatever. We’re going to sort it out on Saturday night.

What’s your prediction for Saturday night? How are you ending this fight?

Slim: It has to be a knockout. If it’s not a knockout we’re going to see at the next DAZN event Slim vs Slim, I’m going to fight myself. If it goes the distance, that's a win for him. If he survives this fight, that's a win for him. 

What's the camp been like? You’ve been fighting for a long time, so how has the training been heading into this card?

Slim: I only had two weeks of training for my last fight, so I didn't do any strength and conditioning. This time I’ve got that; I’m going for strength and conditioning twice a week. Boxing training, three-mile runs, I’ve put the work in, I feel stronger, I feel faster, I feel smarter and it’s time to perform on Saturday night.

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