God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Tyr Boss Fight Guide

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God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Tyr Boss Fight Guide

God of War Ragnarok Valhalla is the new roguelike DLC in which we will take on the role of Kratos. Given its nature, there will be several enemies and bosses to face and defeat in order to continue; one of these is the God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Tyr boss. This is a long and complex boss fight that can catch even the most skilled players unprepared, so you need a good strategy to follow in order to get the better of him. In this article, therefore, we will give you some useful tips that you can follow.

How to Beat God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Tyr Boss

If you are among the players who have the desire to get the Blood, Sweet, and Tyr trophy, you will have to complete the entire battle and emerge victorious. Fortunately, you can also get this trophy on the lowest difficulty, so the difficulty also depends a lot on how you decide to approach this battle. However, there is some equipment you can use to make your life even easier, such as the Hilt of Hofud relic and the Guardian Shield.

Phase 1

The initial encounter with Tyr commences as you step into his chamber. Armed with a spear and shield, Tyr's health bar is marked in yellow, indicating parity with your level. To engage Tyr effectively, you need to shatter his shield by swiftly double-tapping L1. From now on, keep an eye on his attack, which might deal quite a bit of damage, especially with a higher difficulty. Tyr's repertoire includes a spear lunge, followed by an unblockable attack. Evading the red ring area is crucial to mitigating damage. The boss executes a four-move spear combo; the first three are deflectable, but the fourth, a red ring attack, demands a nimble dodge. Well-timed parries not only stun Tyr but also inflict damage.

At the halfway point of Tyr's health, he ascends to the doors, summoning three Undead Legionnaire adversaries. Dispatch them swiftly, sidestepping bolts hurled by Tyr. Once the Undead Legionnaire is vanquished, Tyr reintroduces the fight with fresh maneuvers. Counter his arm-raising blast by promptly double-tapping L1. Watch out for his three-hit combo, ripe for parrying. The boss employs another tactic, hurling his spear to induce a timed explosion. Afterward, he lunges forward with an unblockable attack, demanding players to roll in preparation. Adopt an aggressive approach to stun the boss, utilizing optimal Light and Heavy Runic Attacks tailored to your chosen weapons.

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God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Tyr Boss

Phase 2

In Tyr's second phase, he wears stronger armor, showing he's getting more powerful to compete with Kratos. Now, he wields a big club as a two-handed weapon, and his health bar is orange, indicating he's one level above Kratos. So, now, things start to become more difficult and you need to stay vigilant if you want to conquer this phase of the battle.

Although Tyr's attacks are slower, he's less likely to be stunned. In one combo, he does two overhead sweeps, and the third, where his club is on fire, can't be blocked or parried. It sends out flames upon impact, so roll backward to avoid getting hit. Another move involves him swinging his club around twice, followed by an unparryable overhead slam with fiery sparks, so roll backward when the red ring appears.

The boss has an attack with a yellow ring, allowing players to dodge and parry but not block. Successful parrying cancels his combo, creating an opportunity to attack. In later fights, the boss tries to grab Kratos, and players must dodge to avoid it. Failing leads to a quick-time event where the right button must be pressed to break free. Sometimes, the boss uses blood magic, cutting his hand on his weapon to create a circle of blood explosions. Dodge between them, as they can't move backward once in motion.

At 50% health, Tyr leaps, summoning 8 Undead Legionnaires rushing towards him. If they reach him, they sacrifice their health for him. Players must stop them to prevent the boss from regaining health. After defeating them, the boss returns with the same combos. Use Runic Attacks to cancel his special moves and deal damage quickly. Save Spartan Rage for emergencies.

God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Tyr Boss

Phase 3

You will face the God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Tyr boss for the third time. In this battle, Tyr has glowing yellow hands and wields two sickle-shaped swords. His health bar stays orange, like in the second fight. At the start, the boss may jump and swing his swords. Players should hold the block button to reduce damage and then counter. Tyr spins his weapons, swiping his left arm in an unblockable move. It can be parried or dodged, providing a chance to strike him.

Tyr has new tricks, like teleporting and rushing in for a surprise attack. Be ready to dodge when Mimir warns, usually from the right. He has a move similar to the previous fight, swinging forward with both hands and combining them for an unblockable fire attack with sparks. Roll backward to avoid it. If too far, Tyr may leap or dash, catching players off-guard.

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At half health, Tyr makes Kratos fight Undead Legionnaires in darkness. Look for a beam of light to be safe from the blinding effect. When the boss jumps down, find the light source to see his attacks. Fighting the boss in the dark is risky since he can dash in and out without players knowing where or when he'll strike.

God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Tyr Boss

Phase 4

In the final face-off with Tyr, he has glowing eyes and a symbol on his forehead. Now, Tyr reveals his katana in what might be his toughest fight. The katana makes the boss agile, with lots of dashes, jumps, and duplicates. Tyr's health bar is purple, showing he's 2 levels above Kratos. This is by far the most difficult phase to face and you will have some trouble if you don't know what to do.

Tyr's first move is a quick swipe to Kratos' right, then left, finished with a parry-only stun blast that makes Tyr dash backward. He likes to keep his distance, often jumping back and throwing a light bolt that Kratos can dodge, parry, or block. Another move involves the boss throwing his sword into the ground, creating an area where Kratos needs to run or dash before it explodes.

There's an attack where the boss runs his palm across his blade to give it a frost effect. Players can parry or avoid it to avoid getting slowed down by frost. Tyr might switch to previous weapons, hitting twice with the katana and then switching to his two-handed club for an unblockable move with fire. The boss can be split into two, and players must focus on the glowing one. Watch out for a move where the boss backs off, stomps the ground, and sends out light projectiles. Run and dash between them to avoid damage. This happens twice.

At 50% health, Tyr jumps away, and Kratos fights a Centaur and two Undead Legionnaires. Focus on the Undead Legionnaire first to make it a 1v1 with the Centaur. The boss often teleports down to cause damage before teleporting away. After defeating the enemies, the boss leaps down and uses combos from previous fights. Stay on guard and use what you've learned to defeat Tyr for the last time and reach the ending of God of War Ragnarok Valhalla.

God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Tyr Boss

God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Tyr Boss Fight Guide
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