Gnomeregan Dungeon Guide for Warcraft Rumble

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Gnomeregan Dungeon Guide for Warcraft Rumble

This Gnomeregan Dungeon Guide for Warcraft Rumble will show you what to expect once you start playing.

Warcraft Rumble fans have tons of things they can play, including the latest Gnomeregan dungeon. After taking a look at some of the best first leaders to get in the game, it’s time to take a good look at this dungeon and learn more about the things you can do here. We’ve tested it several times before creating this Gnomeregan dungeon guide for Warcraft Rumble, so let’s begin.

Gnomeregan Warcraft Rumble Dungeon Guide – Basics

Something that we want to start our Gnomeregan dungeon guide for Warcraft Rumble with is that it has three bosses. Each one can attack several minis at the same time, which means that the options you choose to play with have to be durable. Ideally, they also need to be able to multiply. It’s also imperative to choose the correct Relics and bring down the Guard Towers, so let’s see what else you need to be aware of.

Gnomeregan Dungeon Guide for Warcraft Rumble – Relics, Lineups, and More

Considering you are playing in the Undead week, it is essential to know what kind of minis and relics to choose for this specific dungeon. There are many different strategies you can go for, but having undead units is the way to go, especially if you manage to get certain relics. For example, the Stratholme Commendation is great because it allows you to summon Skeleton Manges when you deploy an undead mini, resulting in a large army. Those skeletons can also attack flying minis.

Regarding the minis and leaders you can get, it depends on your personal preferences. Having said that, we’ve used Baron as the leader, followed by the following units:

  • Gargoyle
  • Necromancer
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot
  • Ghoul
  • Quilboar
  • Plaguefarmer

Of course, you can change some of them, such as adding Pyromancer rather than Necromancer. However, considering it's better to have more undying units, it’s better to focus on them.

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Something we want to mention in this Gnomeregan Warcraft Rumble Dungeon Guide is that Gargoyle is really important. Some players like using other options, but judging from our own experience, Gargoyle works best.

With that said, the next important thing we need to discuss in this Gnomeregan dungeon guide for Warcraft Rumble is the actual boss fights. We will go over each one briefly and tell you what we’ve done to succeed.

Crowd Pummeler 9-60

Gnomeregan Dungeon Guide for Warcraft Rumble
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The first boss that you will meet once you start playing is called Crowd Pummeler 9-60. He is fairly easy to go through, but it is worth knowing that he can summon many swarming minis, such as chickens. In other words, you should try to have a unit that deals AoE damage or use the relic mentioned earlier because it will allow you to build an army of your own.

Other than that, the fight is pretty straightforward. You have two chests and a meeting stone you should focus on, and once you capture those, you should be able to overcome the boss fairly easily. The meeting stone is important because it will give you a way better position to fight this Gnomeregan Dungeon boss. 

This boss can also hit several enemies at once, so be careful. You can try triggering this ability with some of your unbound units.

Electrocutioner 6000

Gnomeregan Dungeon Guide for Warcraft Rumble
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The best boss we have to talk about in this Gnomeregan Dungeon Guide for Warcraft Rumble is Electrocutioner 6000. He is definitely a lot harder to defeat, but we found a way to overcome him fairly easily.

The most important thing to remember about this encounter is that there are two Rocket Turrets on each side of the map. Needless to say, today, it will be almost impossible to progress and kill him unless you go over them first. So, you should focus on one of them, followed by the other one, before you set your eyes on Electrocutioner 6000 himself.

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If you have the correct lineup of minis, you should be able to kill him fairly easily after taking down the cannons. Your unit swarm will do a lot of damage, and if you have the Rick Purple Silk Shirt Relic, you can protect some of the minis that cost more gold from the shock that Electrocutioner 6000 has. This will allow them to get closer to him and do damage.

Keep in mind that there are poisonous clouds near the rocket turrets, so your minis will take damage once they come close. Gargoyle is really good here because of its damage output and tankiness.

Mekgineer Thermaplugg

The last boss we need to talk about in the Gnomeregan Warcraft Rumble Dungeon Guide is Mekgineer Thermaplugg. It’s safe to say this is a weird fight because you can’t kill him directly. Instead, you need to kill him with the walking bombs, which requires a specific approach.

The first thing you will see in this encounter is that the map is really small. However, there are two gold mines ahead of you, which you need to take advantage of. The bombs that you need to kill this boss spawn in the center, which means you need to have control. This is achieved by summoning as many units as possible because this will allow you to overpower your opponent.

To be honest, we found this encounter easier than the previous one because there are no specific towers or other things you need to worry about. The idea here is to be in control so that the bombs that spawn will go toward Mekgineer Thermaplugg, not you. 


These are just some things we wanted to share in this Gnomeregan Dungeon Guide for Warcraft Rumble. Keep in mind that once you complete it, you can do it again, but this time, you can use some of the greater difficulties. Needless to say, you should have the right Relics because otherwise, it will be really hard to win. 

Gnomeregan Dungeon Guide for Warcraft Rumble
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