Ghostrunner 2 Reviews Roundup

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Ghostrunner 2 Reviews Roundup

Ghostrunner was appreciated by both critics and fans, so much so that many were happy to know that the game would receive a sequel. But did Ghostrunner 2 live up to expectations? According to what emerged from the first Ghostrunner 2 reviews which were published by some of the most important sites, the sequel to the first chapter had reviews with very mixed ratings. There were those who were impressed by the game and those who, however, expected something more. Anyway, in this Ghostrunner 2 reviews roundup article, you can get an idea of what the game is.

IGN – 9/10

“Ghostrunner 2 is an electric sequel that supercharges everything that was great about the original and elevates it to a whole new level. The lightning fast, skill-heavy, one-hit kill combat is as exciting as ever, packed with even more tricks that give you plenty of new options to approach every scenario. The parkour also remains as smooth as silk, and some of the new motorcycle sequences are among the most exhilarating moments I’ve had all year. Those who didn’t vibe with the intensely reflex-heavy gameplay of the first Ghostrunner probably won’t be swayed by any of these improvements, but if the original was up your alley, I can’t imagine a better sequel than this.” [Read full review] –

Noisy Pixel – 9/10

“Ghostrunner 2 embodies the epitome of a well-executed sequel. It doesn’t overshadow its precursor; instead, it leverages the original as a foundation for expansion and enhancement. The world-building and character development represent a significant leap in quality, and the unwavering pace of action propels it into a class of its own. The introduction of new abilities, expanded non-linear level design, and refined movement mechanics render this game a must-play for those looking to hone their 3D platforming skills.” [Read full review] – Azario Lopez

Finger Guns – 9/10

“Prepare to break free of Dharma Tower in a blaze of sword swings, exhilarating last-gasp dashes and the glory of hundreds of deaths. The new motorcycle mechanics are bombastic (if a little janky) and One More Level continues to amaze with stellar level design, visual spectacle and a booming soundtrack. Ghostrunner 2 is a worthy sequel, even if the story falls flat and you end up smashing three controllers on your way to mastering it.” [Read full review] – Miles Thompson

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Game Informer – 8.5/10

“With Ghostrunner 2 behind me, I’m thrilled more of this series exists. Even after rolling credits, I'm excited to tear through its levels once more to find collectibles like sword and glove skins and old-world artifacts like VHS tapes, and try my hand some more at the delectably simple roguelite minigame. Though Ghostrunner 2 falters in a few ways, like its more open-ended sections and superfluous wingsuit, what remains in the hours outside of those missteps is its best-in-class parkour action. And like its predecessor, it remains a damn treat.” [Read full review] – Wesley LeBlanc

TheGamer – 8/10

“Despite its uninteresting story and occasional jankiness, Ghostrunner 2 still manages to be a great successor by understanding why the first game was such a success, sharpening nearly every mechanic, and building upon them with the addition of the bike and wingsuit. It might not be the most innovative sequel in the world, but considering how great the original Ghostrunner already was, that’s no bad thing.” [Read full review] – George Foster

ghostrunner 2 reviews

Shacknews – 8/10

“One More Level has nailed the important bits in Ghostrunner 2: the combat, the movement, the visuals, the soundtrack, and the challenge. It’s all a cacophony of intense action and pulse-pounding exhilaration – it’s just that the connective tissue keeps it from being a cohesive vision. By increasing the scope and breadth of the game, Ghostrunner 2 loses part of the essence of what made the first game so great. And yet, for the faults I do have with Ghostrunner 2, it’s still an awesome game that had my head bobbing to synthwave beats as I slow-moed around lasers and turned my foes into giblets with a flick of my cybernetic katana.” [Read full review] – Sam Chandler

PlayStation Lifestyle – 7/10

“Ghostrunner 2 goes against its programming by repeatedly slowing down, but it’s still made up of enough of its classic parts. Sprinting and dashing around the neon-lit city while cutting down its many cybernetic forces can be an empowering trip that’s only bolstered by its thumping electronic soundtrack. A strong core like this deserves to be expanded upon more robustly through its new and existing mechanics, which just isn’t the case here. Ghostrunner 2 has taken a few steps forward and a few steps back, but even though it is running in place, it’s still faster than most of its competition.” [Read full review] – Michael Leri

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Hardcore Gamer – 7/10

“Ghostrunner 2 is a high-speed adventure that combines punishing difficulty with satisfying rewards. The challenge level is on the higher side, but victory never seems out of reach. Due to the generous checkpoint system it’s easy to stay motivated to keep pushing oneself through each checkpoint, which can lead to some play sessions lasting longer than intended. While this feedback loop can keep the player going for a while, it can’t sustain enjoyable gameplay indefinitely. It can be thrilling for a few hours, but the charm is likely to wear off after a while for most players. Ghostrunner 2 does succeed in what it set out to do which is create a challenging, fast-paced action game that can make the player feel like an invincible ninja, but the end product is something that would only really appeal to gamers seeking out this specific type of experience.” [Read full review] – Chris Shive

Push Square – 6/10

“Ghostrunner 2 has some fun moments, though it can often be difficult to see past a lot of the performance issues and inconsistent level design. When the game's at its best, slicing through a horde of enemies and jumping around like a ninja, it can be an exhilarating experience. However, it might be worth waiting for a patch to address a lot of the core issues present at launch.” [Read full review] – Jaimie Ditchfield

PlayStation Universe – 6/10

“Ghostrunner 2 fails at being what it should be, a proper sequel. Instead, it ends up feeling much more like a 1.5, or a big DLC expansion, because of how little is changed or evolved from the first game. Where it does try to expand, it more often than not fails on the execution, and while the core combat is still just as insanely fun as it was the first time around, Ghostrunner 2's failings get in the way of that core experience so much that it drags down your whole experience.” [Read full review] – David Carcasole

ghostrunner 2 reviews

Ghostrunner 2 Reviews Roundup
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