Ghostrunner 2 Release Date Revealed?

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Ghostrunner 2 Release Date Revealed?

When's Ghostrunner 2 release date? On X/Twitter, renowned leaker billbil-kun rejoined the debate by disclosing the release date for Ghostrunner 2. One More Level will be releasing the game in three separate editions, according to the deep throat, which often doesn't miss a beat. The Standard Edition will cost 39.99$ to purchase, while the Deluxe and Brutal editions will cost 49.99$ and 69.99$, respectively.

When's Ghostrunner 2 release date?

According to what was stated by the leaker, Ghostrunner 2, a direct sequel to the first chapter, should arrive on the market on October 26, 2023. In the event that this leak turns out to be true, it would be yet another game to be released for the month of October and which should be to further enrich the catalog of games from which players will be able to choose.

We must wait for an official announcement—which, at this point, we assume could happen over the next few days, if not already tomorrow in conjunction with Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live—to learn more about the contents of the various editions of Ghostrunner 2 since no additional information has been shared.

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The first-person action role-playing game Ghostrunner 2 is set in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk future and was developed by One More Level and released by 505 Games. Players will assume the role of cyber warrior Jack and use his superhuman skills to battle a cult of cyber ninjas, learn the secrets of the Dharma Tower, and choose the fate of humanity in this game, which is set one year after the events of the first chapter.

The initial official information indicates that the sequel would feature a wider exploration of the globe, non-linear stages and difficult motorcycle portions, new game modes, and obviously all the action that was enjoyed in the first chapter.

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Ghostrunner 2 Release Date Revealed?
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