Ghostrunner 2 Naga Boss Guide

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Ghostrunner 2 Naga Boss Guide

The Ghostrunner 2 Naga Boss is the fourth boss you will face in the game. This is probably the simplest one to face, as you won't have to fight against a real enemy, but rather it will be a long ride on your motorbike inside a huge mechanical worm. In fact, after you escape from this enormous enemy in the previous level, in this one where you have to defeat him you will enter directly inside him, the only way to eliminate him. In this article, therefore, we will explain the best strategy to use to get the better of this boss and continue with the game.

Ghostrunner 2 Naga boss: How to beat it

This boss fight is not properly divided into different phases, as they will be more or less similar, only the number and type of traps you will have to avoid will change. In fact, this entire battle boils down to the need to avoid a certain number of traps before being able to enter a room where Naga's various weak points are present and eliminate them, all while you are going full throttle on your motorbike. Consequently, this fight is actually not that difficult, all you need is a little precision and attention in avoiding the traps.

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The most important advice we want to give you to emerge victorious from this clash is to experiment and modulate the speed of your motorbike, as it will be a fundamental thing to be able to succeed and not crash somewhere or end up caught in a trap. In fact, it is not always advisable to go at maximum speed. The most important thing, in fact, is to study the positioning and movement of the traps that are present inside Naga. Our advice is to observe them from afar and evaluate whether it is appropriate to slow down, speed up, or change direction.

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Once you have overcome a certain number of traps (and insect-shaped enemies that will come towards you), Kira will warn you of the presence of a room in which there are weak points to hit with your blade. Do this to deal a certain amount of damage to Naga. Ultimately, the entire boss fight against Naga is practically the same, you will always have to escape the traps and reach the next room to inflict damage on the boss. As a result, always follow more or less the same strategy and you shouldn't have many problems. Sharpen your eyes and ears and in a very short time you will have been able to kill what can be considered the easiest boss to face in Ghsotrunner 2.

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