Ghostrunner 2 Dismantler Boss Guide

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Ghostrunner 2 Dismantler Boss Guide

The Ghostrunner 2 Dismantler boss is the penultimate boss you will have to face in the game, when you have now reached the final stages of your adventure as Jack. This means, therefore, that he will be much more difficult to face than the ones you have fought so far. Get ready to face a boss who will put your skills to the test and who will have various attacks and modes in his possession that he can use to try to stop you. For this reason, in this article, we show you the right strategy to indicate in order to defeat this Ghostrunner 2 boss and be able to continue with the game.

Ghostrunner 2 Dismantler boss: How to beat him

As has already happened on other occasions, the clash with the Dismantler also consists of different phases that you will have to face. This clash, however, presents several peculiarities compared to the others. In fact, as soon as you have witnessed the initial cutscene, you will immediately realize that the boss will be equipped with three health bars: one red, one blue, and one green. The red represents melee mode, the blue represents ranged mode, and the green represents healing mode. This means that this fight will not be quick and easy to complete, so take all the time you need.

Phase 1

The first phase of the battle is, obviously, the easiest to deal with, and you shouldn't have many problems getting through it. Once you have witnessed the cutscene and entered the heart of the battle, you will immediately notice how, in this phase, Dismantler only uses melee attacks. Obviously, given the nature of the game, they are deadly, so you will have to avoid getting hit at all costs. However, although they can be dodged, the strategy to use in this case is to parry them.

In fact, as soon as you manage to pull off perfect saves, this will allow you to counterattack your opponent and land hits before having to go back on the defensive. Consequently, in order to overcome this first phase, all you have to do is parry the Dismantler's attacks a couple of times and counterattack. Once you have inflicted a certain amount of damage on the boss, the second phase of the battle will begin, which will be decidedly more difficult than the first.

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ghostrunner 2 dismantler

Phase 2

As soon as the second phase begins, you will see that some sort of huge claws will appear in various positions of the arena; your task is to eliminate them as soon as possible, as it means that Dismantler will have entered his healing mode and will therefore regenerate his health. By hitting these claws, you will gradually empty his green health, which you will need to ensure that the boss is no longer able to heal himself and therefore be able to proceed towards the conclusion of the battle.

Once this is done, Dismantler will enter his rnaged mode and start launching missiles from afar, which, fortunately for you, will not be difficult to avoid as you will be able to see the exact point where they will land. Once you manage to get close to him, Dismantler will make use of some sort of barrier that will push you away from him; avoid it and use the grappling hook to get back close to him. Furthermore, the boss will also use his machine gun to fire a combo of two sets of projectiles that you will have to avoid (it will be very simple to do).

The important thing to know at this stage is that it will be useless to attack the boss until you see that his heart is red. In fact, until it is red, you will have to wait for the boss to make all of his moves, trying to do nothing but avoid them and stay alive. As soon as the heart turns blue, it means that the boss can actually take damage. However, you can't just attack him. You'll have to parry his melee attack perfectly to have a chance to hit him, but also watch out for one of his pickaxe attacks that creates a wave on the floor before hitting him. So, parry and dodge his melee attacks, and then repeat the entire strategy from the beginning, until the claws appear from the ground again.

ghostrunner 2 dismantler

Phase 3

Once Dismantler has taken a certain amount of damage, he will once again summon the claws that will come out of the ground, but this time there will be enemies protecting them. So, before attacking the claws and destroying them, you will first have to eliminate the enemies surrounding them. Once you have eliminated the claws (try to do it as quickly as possible because, as before, Dismantler will be regenerating at this moment), the third phase of the battle will practically begin.

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Luckily for you, this phase of the battle isn't all that different from the previous one. The only differences are that the machine gun shots will be three instead of two and that Dismantler's aggression will be greater overall. Consequently, to get the better of the boss in this phase, you will have to practically follow the same strategy you used to overcome the previous phase. Furthermore, you can also start hitting him freely to affect his blue health bar.

ghostrunner 2 dismantler

Phase 4

Phase four, as usual, will begin with the Dismantler summoning claws to heal himself. Eliminate these claws for the last time by always following the same strategy that we have already indicated, and, from this moment on, you will no longer have to worry about the boss being able to heal himself. At this point, therefore, the only thing left to do is actually the “simplest” one; you will have to defend yourself and attack the boss to completely empty the other two health bars as well.

Now, in fact, when you hit the boss, you will no longer have to worry about the fact that your efforts are almost “in vain”, as the damage you inflict and therefore the portion of the health bar you will take away will remain unchanged and will not fill up again. Consequently, what you will have to do is use a mix of all the previous strategies to completely empty both the blue and red bars. For the blue one, just attack it as soon as you have the chance, and it is safe to do so; instead, for the red one, you will have to parry his attacks and then counterattack.

This Ghostrunner 2 boss is not at all easy to face, and it wouldn't surprise us at all if he were to put you in serious difficulty. The fight is quite long and the damage you inflict during the first three phases will actually only serve to make the boss use his healing mode, so that you can attack the claws and empty his green health bar. As soon as you do this, the fight won't be so frustrating.

ghostrunner 2 dismantler

Ghostrunner 2 Dismantler Boss Guide
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