Eliana Bollati
Eliana Bollati
Eliana is a freelance journalist from Australia with a passion for esports, especially Dota 2. A casual player of the game for the better part of a decade, Eliana started following the professional circuit avidly during TI5. She brings a casual player and hardcore fan perspective into her commentary on the professional scene.

Germany Announce a Dedicated Visa for Esports

Hans Jagow announces the new esports visa
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Germany have announced a a dedicated visa for esports players and professionals will become available in spring 2020.

As part of new changes to the Skilled Immigration Act, the German Federal Government have created a visa specifically for esports professionals.

The esports focused visa will allow for smoother recruitment of Non-EU players and coaches by German organizations. As a result professional esports athletes from countries outside the EU will have an easier pathway to permanent residency.
President of the German Esports Federation (ESBD), Hans Jagnow, announced the news on Twitter.

"We are the first country to establish a dedicated visa category for esports." Said Jagnow, before adding that it could also "serve as a model for other nations."
Jagnow believes the visa is a "big advantage" and will strengthen the country's position as a global esports hub.
According to Jagnow visa requirements for esports professionals need to be simplified to "...allow easy access to tournaments and leagues for esports athletes all over the world.”
Certain conditions will apply for the new esports visa however, including a minimum age of sixteen. Applicants will also need to provide salary information, and employment contracts.
The ESBD intend to set up a streamlined procedure to help future applicants.
The visa regulations come into affect in conjunction with the Skilled Immigration Act, expected to be finalized in March 2020.

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