Gen.G vs T1 Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 2

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Gen.G vs T1 Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 2

Gen.G vs T1 Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 1.

Two sides that picked up big wins on day one of the Swiss Stage now faced off to go 2-0 in the early stages. The battle of the LCK, a match-up between the first and the second seed from the region. Who would come out on top, and all but secure their spot in the Swiss stage?

Gen.G vs T1 Recap

A huge 3vs3 fight broke out in the mid-river, and while it was T1 that engaged initially, Gen.G almost managed to spring a surprise. T1, and Faker, did secure the kill, however, with a blue buff moving over to Faker to add salt to the Gen.G wound. T1 continued this form by taking yet another kill, this time on Oner in the jungle. Oner moments later almost made another huge play in the mid-lane, but this time Chovy was able to escape with sub-10 HP. T1 had dominated the early game by a huge margin, with a 1.5k gold lead already with 12 minutes on the clock. Gen.G managed to get a kill onto the board in the bot lane, as Doran was able to catch the T1 ADC in the solo lane, though it did cost him his Ultimate to secure it.

The game continued along the same format as we approached the Baron spawn. T1 remained ahead, while Gen.G remained within touching distance. Gen.G were also able to get a big punishment onto Faker in the top lane, despite the wards spotting Chovy. Despite that, T1 were ahead as Baron spawned on the Rift. T1 had a huge opportunity to claim the Baron, but decided against it. This let Gen.G reset, and with that, they took their third Drake of the game. With T1 desperate to stop them, it all went wrong, and Gen.G picked up the ace, and claimed the Drake before moving to claim a free Baron.

It went from bad to worse for T1, with a fourth Drake secured, and another four kills for Gen.G. T1 looked completely lost before the game really ever got going. Off the back of that Drake play, Gen.G pushed into the T1 base and secured the win. While it was a slow start for Gen.G, the result was probably the expected one when the dust settled. It was the game T1 did not want, and now they have to head into the 1-1 half of the Swiss Bracket.

Quick Stats:

Teams: Gen.G – T1

Time: 29:38

Kills: 14-6

Turrets:  9-4

Gold: 58.4k – 59k

Dragons: 4-1

Barons: 1-0

Gen.G vs T1 Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 2
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