Gen.G Preview – Worlds 2023

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Gen.G Preview – Worlds 2023

Gen.G Preview puts the spotlight on a team that has dominated the Korean scene, but so far, couldn’t turn their efforts into an international win.

The LCK is regarded as one of the strongest regions in League of Legends. Korea gave us the only team that have won multiple Worlds titles, SKT Telecom T1, who also won to World Championships in a row. A Korean team, DRX made the impossible come through when they won Worlds 2022 after almost missing the event, then they had to fight their from the Play-Ins all the way to the top.

There’s one LCK team that fans have waited and waited to make a splash, but so far, they couldn’t get a win – could this be the year for Gen.G Esports?

Gen.G Preview

Gen.G Team History

Gen.G Esports joined the LCK back in 2018 after acquiring the roster of Samsung Galaxy.  While they didn’t win the LCK Summer Split that year, they still made it to Worlds in their first season by beating KingZone DragonX in the Korean Regional Finals. Sadly, they didn’t make it too far at the international event, going 1-5 in Groups.

Their 2019 was pretty quiet, but in 2020, they revamped their roster, signing Rascal, Clid and Bdd alongside Ruler and Life. The new topside did wonders, as Gen.G won the 2020 LCK Spring Split, and made it to the finals of the Playoffs. In Summer, they got 3rd place, but showed everyone that they are a top contender when they beat the legendary T1 in the Regional Finals. This time, they qualified for the Worlds Playoffs, but G2 Esports defeated them in the quarterfinals.

Gen.G Preview Chovy

In 2021, they stepped up again, getting a 2nd and a 3rd place domestically, with their rivals T1 being the only squad that could consistently keep them in check. They achieved their best international finish that year as well, as Ruler and his team made it to the top 4 of Worlds.

2022 was the first year Gen.G was able to best T1. Even though in the Spring Split, Faker and his teammates defeated them 3-1, in the last match of the Summer Playoffs, Gen.G blew them out of the water with a 3-0 victory. They were great at the World Championship as well, making it to the sems yet again. This was due to their new players – most notably Doran and the legendary Chovy, whose church is always filled to the brim with eager players that want to learn from one of the best midlaners in the world.

This year, Gen.G won both LCK splits, defeating T1 in both Finals, and even finishing 4th in their first ever Mid-Season Invitational. Gen.G has ramped up for years now, so this might be the event where they get to the last match – and potentially take it all.

Gen.G Roster

  • Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon
  • Han “Peanut” Wang-ho
  • Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon
  • Kim “Peyz” Su-hwan
  • Yoo “Delight” Hwan-joong

Gen.G Playstyle

Gen.G plays an incredibly high level of macro in their games, having one of, if not the best Dragon and Baron stats in the worlds. They rely on Doran and Peanut to make plays in the first half of their matches, but Chovy and Peyz also come into play as games go on, showcasing a multi-carry team that relies on all its players.

Gen.G was incredibly consistent in the Summer LCK Split, losing only 9 matches and not throwing a big lead a single time. However, if they lose the early game, they rarely come back from it, but they are not an easy team to put into a major gold deficit.

Gen.G Preview Chovy

Their early game is strong, and even though they don’t boast high First Dragon and Herald numbers, they have great control over the first obejctives in the game. They are fairly active for an LCK team, having the 2nd bloodiest early game of the Korean teams and having a high First Blood%. Their botlane is quieter in the early game, but Chovy, Doran and Peanut make sure that they can shine when the lategame comes.

In the later stages of the game, they don’t let go of objectives, furthering their leads around the map. they are the best team at getting the 2nd Drake in the World, and they also have a the highest Baron Power Play number as well, as Chovy and his team make the best of the buff.

Gen.G Preview Gen.G Roster

However, Gen.G has a huge weakness: they can’t recuperate from a bad early game. They are the only team in the LCK that doesn’t get Barons in losing matches. Peyz and his teammates seem to just “give up” after failing to get leads in the first part of a match, and can’t seem to find ways to bounce back. This could mean trouble for them against strong early game teams such as the LPL representatives, or even some LEC teams such as G2 Esports and Fnatic.

That being said, Gen.G has some of the best players in the worlds. Chovy still dominates in stats among Korean midlaners, and Peyz had a great debut at MSI, but could shoot even higher. They also have a flexible toplaner in Doran who can carry the team at any given moment. If Gen.G Esports doesn’t fail to secure early leads, there are few teams that can stop them – T1 certainly couldn’t for 3 LCK Splits now. Can they fulfil the prophecy of the Church of Chovy?

Gen.G Preview – Worlds 2023
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