Garena Free Fire Bans Over A Million Hackers

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Garena Free Fire Bans Over A Million Hackers

Free Fire reports the bans of 1,045,826 accounts for using cheat codes.

Recently, Garena released a report revealing the ban of over a million hacker accounts. The most common cause for being banned was the use of auto-aim hacks.

In the past 14 days accounts were banned for using the following cheats:

A pie chart is split into five different sections labeled: 62% Auto-Aim, 12% Teleport, 4% Through Wall, 5% Antenna and 17% Others. It appears on a dark blue background with the words "Ban Reasons Ratio" above it as a title.

Garena is actively working to remove these accounts to increase fair gameplay. Half of the banned accounts were flagged by Free Fire’s anti-hacking system and the other half were reported by players in the game. Player reports help remove accounts that evade recognition from the anti-hacking system.

“We’ve also adjusted anti-hack measures and optimized our detection methods for a better gaming experience,” said Garena.

Additionally, Garena removed 27, 420 accounts that were intentionally playing with hackers. Garena is actively removing all accounts that participate in unfair gameplay.