G2 vs Weibo Gaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 2

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G2 vs Weibo Gaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 2

G2 vs Weibo Gaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 1.

Both sides picked up big wins in day one, and for G2 it already looks like they have the weight of a region on their shoulders. With G2 coming in as their region's first seed, they're by far the favourites, though with LPL being such a strong region, it was always going to be a test for G2.

G2 vs Weibo Gaming Recap

A slower start to the game than we saw from other games on Day 2. Neither side forced much in the first eight minutes, but it was WBG who finally made the move. A big gang on the top side saw them claim first blood before a big roam from Caps helped to secure two massive kills back for the LEC side. G2 continued to force plays, taking three members to the WDB bot lane to take a kill and securing all the plates on the bottom turret. Back in the bot lane, and this time it was WBG securing the double kill as the G2 bot lane got caught out.

With the next Drake spawning, TheShy decided to int twice in a row. While his death meant they saved their mid turret and secured a Drake, it was an int nether the less. After those plays, G2 had a slender lead, though the three Drakes onto WBG could be crucial. With Baron up, WBG pushed to secure it, and, once against, G2 handed them the play by throwing. While G2 started the Baron, WBG pulled the trigger at a key moment, securing the Baron and picking up four kills. Next up was the fourth Drake, and while WBG started it, G2 had to contest it. Yike started the engagement, but once again G2 wiffed the play, handing over four kills to WBG and securing their fourth Drake.

With 27 minutes on the clock, G2 had very few good options left, and very few opportunities to make a play. For WBG, it was all about waiting for Baron and the Elder Drake, for G2, a mistake is about all they have left. And just like that, G2 looked to have found a chance. A massive wombo-combo onto Crisp, secured the kill, with Xiaohu following shortly after. With two members down, G2 forced the Baron, but without Ultimates the fight after could be tough. WBG took a kill, but G2 stayed focused and took the kills and got out with two members alive with Baron. While G2 cannot win off the play, they keep themselves alive with Elder about to spawn.

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With Elder up, it was the game moment, and while WDG started the fight again, the wombo worked again for G2, as they secured a huge ace as the game was ripped wide open. G2 secured the Elder with members respawning and we had a game on our hands. With Elder still on them, G2 pushed into the WBG base and top down the top inhibitor. With Xiaohu dead, that was the moment G2 needed to pull the trigger to try to end the game. An insane end-of-game fight, but with WBG members respawning G2 might have bitten off more than they could chew. As WBG chased, Caps TPs into the base to try to secure the win, but he didn't have the time. Baron was spawning, and with three members left alive, WBG were quick to head there to secure it.

Another fight, this time in the WBG jungle, and it's yet more chaos on the rift but this time, G2 do enough, somehow, and secure a massive win.

Quick Stats:

Teams: G2 – WBG

Time: 38:22

Kills: 26-23

Turrets: 9-7

Gold:  75.5k – 75.1k

Dragons: 1-4

Barons: 1-2

G2 vs Weibo Gaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 2
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