League Of Legends: G2 Esports Sign Taco As New General Manager

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League Of Legends: G2 Esports Sign Taco As New General Manager

G2 Esports has welcomed a new General Manager for its League of Legends side, as Taco Storm joins G2.

Taco Storm was formally at Riot Games and joins G2 Esports in a role previously held by Oliver “IzpAH” Steer, and before that Mitch “Boris” Voorspoels. The reason for IzpAH’s departure from G2 Esports is at the time of writing not known, though G2 Esports have been looking fora replacement since May this year. IzpAH joined G2 at the start of 2020 alongside former Excel Analyst  Luciana “AngelArcher” Nadrag.

Taco Storm joins G2 Esports who currently at 4-3 as they head into the crucial mid-way point of the LEC Summer Split. While his role is unlikely to see any instant impact on the side, as General Manager his influence will be felt going forward.

Taco Storm joins G2 Esports in a week in which the starting roster has seen a major change. P1noy will replace Luka “Perkz” Perković who is taking a break for at least week four due to stress ahead of week four.


Following the convincing win against Fnatic in week three, G2 Esports will now look to push on. Currently, in join-third place, G2 will want to take momentum into the break between weeks four & five. G2’s Summer Split would best be described as inconsistent. They’ll be hoping P1noy can hit the ground running as he makes his LEC debut.

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G2 Esports faces off against Misfits and Excel during week four and could find themselves in the midst of a top-two battle if results go their way elsewhere. The side’s recent form has been exceptionally mixed, and the last-minute addition of a change in ADC could see Misfits and Excel take advantage. The saving grace for G2 Esports, however, will be the fact Misfits and Excel haven’t looked their best this season. Though in Excel’s case Patrik has been the side’s best player and he could look to take advantage of the changes.

League Of Legends: G2 Esports Sign Taco As New General Manager
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