G2 Esports Preview MSI 2024

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G2 Esports Preview MSI 2024

The Kings of Europe are back, and you can find out all about them in the G2 Esports Preview for MSI 2024.

The first international event of 2024, the Mid-Season Invitational is starting this week! The best teams from all around the world will travel to Chengdu, China to fight for the extra spots at Worlds 2024 – and of course, eternal glory.

In this short series, we’ll take a look at all the teams who will enter the arena, starting with the best of the LEC, G2 Esports, the Kings of Europe!

G2 Esports Preview MSI 2024

G2 Esports in the Season

G2 Esports has been the absolute best team of the 2024 LEC Season. In the Winter Split, they finished 1st in the regular season with a 7-2 record, only suffering losses that came from dumb mistakes. They aced the Playoffs as well, staying in the Winner’s Bracket throughout the whole ordeal. In the Finals, they faced MAD Lions KOI, but only dropped a single game before lifting the trophy – and making sure they’ll at least attend the MSI 2024.

In the Spring, they lost one more game then in Winter, which pushed them down to 3rd place in the Regular Season. Nevertheless, they didn’t falter, staying on the Upper Bracket throughout the Playoffs, beating MAD Lions KOI and Fnatic 2-0, and while they lost a match versus Team BDS in the Upper Bracket Final, they qualified for the Spring Grand Finals first out of all Playoffs squads. It was Fnatic that could climb back to face them again, but the eternal rivals were only able to take one game off of G2 – they won 3-1 again, securing their second Shield of the LEC and the Main Event MSI spot of the LEC.

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G2 Esports are the absolute best of the LEC, proving time and time again that not many can stand against them in the EMEA region. The big question is how will they fare against the best of the best, such as the LCK and the LPL teams?

G2 Esports Roster

  • Sergen “BrokenBlade” Celik
  • Martin “Yike” Sundelin
  • Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther
  • Steven “Hans sama” Liv
  • Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle

G2 Esports Playstyle

G2 Esports approach to League of Legends have changed quite a bit over the years. For some time, they were a scaling squad, then they could stomp teams under 25 minutes with ease. This roster, that came to be at the start of the 2023 season is a bit different.

Their early game is not the strongest even in the LEC, although they had a small number of incredibly short, almost 20-minute games. The main strength of G2 is made up of 2 things: their flexibility and creativity in drafts, and their ability to teamfight better than most teams.

G2 Esports were the ones that introduced Zac top to the LEC, as well as playing a high number of Twisted Fate and Rek’Sai top. Alongside BrokenBlade, Mikyx is the most flexible player of the bunch, with 18 different champions picked during the Winter and Spring LEC. The player with the least unique champions played is Hans sama, but even their French ADC has some pocked picks like Tristana, Kog’Maw, Seraphine and especially, Draven.

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G2 Esports Preview MSI 2024

The other aspect of their strength is their ability to teamfight. In the early game, they tend to make mistakes but not many, especially when the match is important. In the midgame, they bounce back, finding favorable fights after they set up good macro – something that Western teams tend to lack. Usually lead by BrokenBlade, they find engages that are much better for them than for the opponent – or sometimes they don’t, but on the micro level, they can just win engages. This part of their strategy will work in the MSI as good as it did in the LEC until G2 Esports bumps into the LPL and LCK teams. Squads such as Bilibili Gaming or T1 will be able to punish the small mistakes they make or just beat them on skill alone. We’re talking about last year’s World Champions and the winner of this year’s LPL which is considered to be the strongest league in the world (maybe not this year, but generally).

G2 Esports are also THE best EMEA team to adapt to new metas. After using picks like Zac and Rek’Sai top ahead of everyone, they also mastered the returning laneswap strategy and adapted it to their own taste. While Eastern teams are better at executing the strategy – and choosing when not to use it – G2 Esports are the most adept at playing laneswap out of all the Westerns teams.

Overall, G2 Esports have a great shot at making it to the Playoffs of the Mid-Season Invitational – maybe even the top 4. However, they have some hurdles to overcome. We’ll see if they manage.

G2 Esports Preview MSI 2024
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