Fyrakk Assaults, Everything You Need to Know

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Fyrakk Assaults, Everything You Need to Know

Fyrakk Assaults are a new event coming on May 9th for players to participate in. Let’s take a look at what exactly Fyrakk Assaults are, and what rewards you can get from them. 

How Fyrakk Assaults Work

Fyrakk Assaults take place at Suffusion Camps located in the Azure Span and Ohn’ahran Plains. When an assault is active players will see an icon on their maps indicating where the Fyrakk Assault is, how much time is left, and what reward the player will receive for completing the event. If players want the rewards from a Fyrakk Assault, they should make sure to do it before it expires. For anyone that played in Shadowlands, Fyrakk Assaults work similarly to the Covenant Assaults in the Maw.  

Only max level players will be able to see the icon on their maps and participate in Fyrakk Assaults. Lower level characters can still see the mobs spawned by an assault, but the mobs will be level 70 and killing these mobs will offer little reward. When players reach the Fyrakk Assault there will be a bunch of quests to pick up. These quests give rep rewards and some Dragon Isle supplies. There will also be a world quest active over the assault area that players can do for additional rewards such as Flightstones, gear, and Drake's Shadowflame Crests.  

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There will be a world quest called “Suffusion Camp” for players to complete in the Fyrakk Assault area. The first thing players will need to do is gather Wards of Igira. All NPCs in the area that players can kill have a chance to drop these Wards of Igira. Once you have 5 of them you can turn them in at Suffusion Crucibles to summon an elite mob called the Crucible Guardian. This mob drops Wards of Fyrakk when killed. If you see another player has spawned an elite at a Suffusion Crucible make sure to tag it so you can loot the mob, making your quest a lot faster. Once you have 5 Wards of Fyrakk you can turn them in to the Suffusion Mold to summon the Forgemaster boss and obtain an Everburning Key. 

Killing the Forgemaster will complete the world quest and award some Flightstones, 5 Drake's Shadowflame Crest Fragments, and potentially 411 gear. Once you have 3 Everburning Keys you can use them to open up a special chest once a week. This chest will also award some catchup gear around 408 ilvl and Dragon Isle supplies.  

At the top of player’s screens they will see a bar named Fyrakk’s Fury that slowly fills as players kill elite enemies. Once the bar hits 100% Fyrakk will start flying to the assault area. Players will be able to see Fyrakk on their maps and can watch him fly towards the assault as well. While Fyrakk is flying he will have a fire orb around him, anyone that flies into it takes heavy ticking damage and will quickly be killed if they do not move out of it. Players can get a nice achievement called Still Standing in the Fire if they do get killed by Fyrakk though, so it isn't a complete loss to die. 

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When Fyrakk reaches the assault area he will drop off a boss mob that players can kill for potential 411 gear and an item that gives a quest which rewards a free Drake’s Shadowflame Crest. This boss can be killed multiple times, but after the first kill will only offer some Drake's Shadowflame Crest Fragments.   

All the gear players get from Fyrakk Assaults are part of the Suffused Attire sets, which can be collected to unlock special transmog appearances for each gear type. For players that like collecting appearances you may want to do Fyrakk Assaults on alts to get all of the appearances.

There is everything you need to know about Fyrakk Assaults so you can make the most of them. These assaults will be great to help alts and returning players catchup on gear and get some fragments for Drake's Shadowflame Crests.

Fyrakk Assaults, Everything You Need to Know
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