Free Erling Haaland Card: How To Get The Man City Star For Free In EA FC 24

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Free Erling Haaland Card: How To Get The Man City Star For Free In EA FC 24

Want a free Erling Haaland card for your EA FC 24 Ultimate Team? Find out how

Erling Haaland undeniably ranks among the world's greatest soccer stars. The cover star of EA FC 24 is currently a top contender for this year's Ballon d'Or, thanks to his remarkable performance with Manchester City last season.In an unexpected delight, EA Sports has unveiled a pleasant surprise for EA FC 24 players – the opportunity to acquire a free Erling Haaland card for their Ultimate Team! Find out how to claim this exclusive offer from the developers featuring the prolific Norwegian.

Free Erling Haaland Card: How To Get The Man City Star For Free In EA FC 24

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Players in the Ultimate Team mode were quick to spot this offer when it was unveiled on October 26. EA Sports has not only announced the availability date for the complimentary item but has also provided clear instructions on how players can claim it.

Free Erling Haaland Card: Will It Be The Same As The Base Item?

No, the free Erling Haaland card will not be the same as the base item or the other promo offerings. Currently, there are two cards boasting the Norwegian forward in Ultimate Team—the base item and the RTTK promo item. Both these cards hold significant strength in the current EA FC 24 meta, but they come with a substantial price tag.The complimentary card will have an 87 rating, making it lower than the ratings of both the existing Haaland cards. That said, it can still be a valuable addition to your Ultimate Team.

How To Get The Erling Haaland Free Card In EA FC 24?

Obtaining this card without any cost is a breeze – all you need to do is to log into the game for single session before November 1. This exclusive opportunity is part of the esteemed Founder's package, designed to reward early players with a range of enticing perks. It's paramount that you take the time to play the game prior to the deadline on November 1 to cement your Founder's status and unlock the full spectrum of benefits that come with it.

In addition to the free Haaland card, Founder's status offers a host of advantages, such as early access to upcoming content, exclusive in-game items, and priority support. It's not just about securing a valuable player card; it's about joining a select group of dedicated players who will have an edge in the world of EA FC 24.

When Will The Free Haaland Card Be Made Available?

It's essential to note that while the complimentary Erling Haaland card is indeed up for grabs, it won't be handed out to eligible players right away. A promotional announcement has clarified that the card will become available starting on December 10.

Once December 10 rolls around, players can expect to find the free Haaland card conveniently located in the Ultimate Team store. From there, they can easily redeem and incorporate it into their existing team, and seamlessly integrate with their strategies and tactics.

Free Erling Haaland Card: Will It Be Tradeable?

The free Haaland card is non-tradeable, meaning you can't sell it. You have the option, nonetheless, to use it in any Squad Building Challenge if it doesn't find a spot in your starting lineup. As of now, EA Sports has only unveiled the card's overall rating, and the official stats are yet to be revealed.

It remains to be seen if the free version will match the effectiveness of the two other cards currently in Ultimate Team. Players are optimistic that the upcoming Haaland card will boast stats and playstyles similar to those that have propelled the gold and RTTK versions to success in the EA FC 24 meta.

Beats Joins Forces With Erling Haaland And EA FC

The free offering for the Erling Haaland card is part of a promotional agreement that unites Beats, Haaland, and EA Sports. Apple's Beats by Dre has joined forces with EA Sports FC and the Manchester City number nine to offer players an exclusive chance to acquire the “Founder” status in EA FC 24. Their latest marketing campaign highlights the integration of Beats into the gameplay of the soccer video game.

The most recent Beats ad spotlights an animated rendition of Erling Haaland, brought to life using EA's Frostbite game engine. The video segments are extracted from Beats' “King & the Viking” commercial, which features Haaland and NBA legend LeBron James.

Besides being granted the Founder status, these individuals have the opportunity to acquire customized digital Beats Studio Pro headphones featuring a Viking theme influenced by Haaland. Founders will be greeted with a custom loading animation every time they log into the game.

Here are all the perks offered by this campaign:

  • Free Erling Haaland Item
  • Founder Badge
  • Founder Evolutions
  • Founder Kits
  • Founder XP Objectives
  • Founder Stadium Vanity
  • Custom digital Haaland-inspired Beats Studio Pro Viking vanity

Founder Evolutions is a method for enhancing your club's players by upgrading their ratings and customizing them for your club. To activate Founder Evolution, visit the Ultimate Team Store and select “My Packs.” You'll discover a “Founder's pack” there, which is similar to any other consumable in the game and begins the “Evolutions” pathway.

In addition to providing players with exclusive kits, Founder Kits also grant access to XP objectives exclusively available to Founders. Founder Stadium Vanity allows Founders to personalize their stadium's appearance when launching Ultimate Team in EA FC 24. EA Sports has also suggested that more benefits are on the horizon for FC Founders.

Free Erling Haaland Card: How To Get The Man City Star For Free In EA FC 24
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