How To Finesse Shot In EA FC 24

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How To Finesse Shot In EA FC 24

Learn how to finesse shot in EA FC 24 and find the back of the net in style

When it comes to elegantly placing the ball into the net, nothing rivals the finesse shot. It has remained one of the most beloved FIFA tricks for years, and fortunately, it continues to be a part of the game even after the EA Sports FC/EA FC rebranding. If you have not tried out a finesse shot in the new game yet, find out how to finesse shot in EA FC 24.

What Is A Finesse Shot?

A finesse shot is a skillful maneuver where players strike the ball with the inside of their foot to produce a spinning, curved shot directed towards the far post of the goal. Finesse shots demand precision and perfect timing, and they are the weapon of choice for skilled players who want to help the ball sail into the net instead of hammering it.

Especially effective when attempted from the outer limits of the penalty area, the finesse shot stands as a tried-and-true method for delivering sensational goals in FIFA. You can anticipate the same level of excitement with finesse shots in EA FC 24, as they continue to be a reliable source for scoring spectacular goals.

Who Are The Best Finesse Shot Takers In EA FC 24?

The art of finesse shot isn't a gift every player on the virtual pitch of EA FC 24 possesses. Keep an eye out for cards with impressive finishing and curve statistics; they're the ones who can effortlessly deliver those enchanting, curving shots.

How To Finesse Shot In EA FC 24

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Players equipped with Finesse Shot PlayStyles can execute finesse shots with added swiftness, generating extra curves and enhancing their precision. Meanwhile, those with PlayStyles+ master the craft, executing finesse shots with incredible speed, maximum curve, and unparalleled accuracy.

Best Finesse Shot PlayStyles+ Cards In EA FC 24

  • Gerd Müller (92 Icon)
  • Caroline Graham Hansen (91 Trailblazers)
  • Karim Benzema (90 Rare)
  • Mohamed Salah (90 TOTW)
  • Alessandro Del Piero (90 Icon)
  • Raúl (90 Icon)
  • Mohamed Salah (89 Rare)
  • Heung Min Son (89 POTM)
  • Kenny Dalglish (89 Icon)
  • Alex Morgan (89 Rare)

Best Finesse Shot PlayStyles Cards In EA FC 24

  • Pelé (95 Icon)
  • Zinedine Zidane (94 Icon)
  • Ronaldo (94 Icon)
  • Mia Hamm (93 Icon)
  • Ronaldinho (93 Icon)
  • Robert Lewandowski (92 UCL RTTK)
  • Alexia Putellas (91 Rare)
  • Roberto Baggio (91 Icon)
  • Thierry Henry (91 Icon)
  • Marco van Basten (91 Icon)

How To Finesse Shot In EA FC 24

Control configurations differ depending on your gaming platform, but the core principle remains consistent: hold down the designated special button while executing your shot. Xbox gamers, don't forget to hold RB while pressing B to take your shot. If you're on PlayStation, it's all about holding R1 and shooting with the circle button. PC gamers, your move is to hold D and left-click to take your shot.

EA FC 24 Finesse Shot Tips

Follow these EA FC 24 Finesse Shot tips to maximize your scoring potential:

  • The finesse shot shines in specific situations, but it should not be your go-to tactic every time. You need a clear shot at the goal and ample room to execute it effectively. Avoid attempting the finesse shot when defenders are breathing down your neck or when you're too far from the target. Hold onto it for those well-timed situations when you're in a one-on-one scenario with the keeper or have a direct line of sight to the goal.
  • The key to executing finesse shots correctly is always keeping in mind the attacker's preferred foot. Finesse shots are about expanding shooting angles and gently maneuvering the ball beyond the goalkeeper's reach. As a result, if a right-footed player tries a finesse shot from a tight angle on the right side of the field, it's likely to result in a tame effort easily gathered by the goalkeeper.
  • When attempting finesse shots, it’s crucial to aim for the far post. Try to drift the ball as far as you can from the keeper. Use the left analog stick to pinpoint your target.
  • Timing is another crucial element to consider. Release the shoot button at the precise moment when your player is ready to strike the ball.

FIFA 23 nerfed finesse shots following the goalscoring frenzy in FIFA 22, but in EA FC 24, finesse shots seem to be back in business. It’s a very good way to score in the current meta, so learning how to finesse shot in EA FC 24 should be a valuable addition to your arsenal.

How To Finesse Shot In EA FC 24
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