Four Best TFT Team Comps to Play in LoL

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Four Best TFT Team Comps to Play in LoL

Teamfight Tactics (“TFT”) is Riot Games' newest adaptation of League of Legends (“LoL”). Since its release, it has been wildly popular among LoL fans and people who've never played the game alike. Seeing one's favorite champions in this new style and game mode can be exhilarating, but it can go the other way as well. TFT players naturally have their favorite Origins, and though it can be difficult to replicate some of these team compositions in LoL, a few can be utilized quite well. Therefore, these are the best comps to try out with friends if you're yearning to try out some of the best TFT synergies in LoL!

4. Pirate

best teamfight tactics TFT compositions to play in league of legends LoL pirate Twisted fate TF Graves
Photo via Riot Games.
  • Top: Gangplank
  • Jungle: Graves
  • Mid: Twisted Fate
  • ADC: Miss Fortune
  • Support: Pyke

First of is the Pirate composition. Pirates are more of a fun comp to play in TFT due to their increased gold generation, but funnily enough that carries over to Summoner's Rift. Gangplank and Pyke both have ways to get more gold throughout the game, which means scaling comes faster for these two. This roster does two things in particular very well. First, it has a ton of damage, as every champion is made to pump out damage. The AOE potential for team fighting is enormous too, with Miss Fortune's Bullet Time, Gangplank's Barrels, Pyke's Death from Below and Grave's general kit being incredibly useful.

The other strength of Pirates is the global playmaking it has. Gangplank and Twisted Fate's ultimates allow for them to turn around ganks and skirmishes in a heartbeat, turning a 2v3 into a 4v3 with two button presses. On top of this, Pyke is a fantastic roamer with Boots of Mobility and Ghostwater Dive, meaning he can get to the mid lane and free Twisted up to freely roam. Also, Graves' jungler clear is fast, which enables him to get to ganking faster. With a composition like this, its essential to snowball the early-mid game with these strengths in mind.

The biggest downside to this composition is the lack of frontline. This can make it quite challenging to play against tanky teams in the mid-late game and in 5v5 team fights when from even or behind. Because of this, snowballing is the key to unlocking this team to plunder the enemies' booty!

3. Glacial

best teamfight tactics TFT compositions to play in league of legends LoL glacial sejuani
Photo via Riot Games.
  • Top: Volibear
  • Jungle: Sejuani
  • Mid: Anivia
  • ADC: Ashe
  • Support: Braum

Next up is the CC-heavy Glacial synergy. In TFT, this collection of champions can be extremely frustrating to play against because they stun units over and over. Well, these champions can do the same in normal LoL. Their ability to slow and lock down their opponents is unmatched and makes for a hard team to play against. Though their damage can be lacking, this CC is enough to make up for it in enough cases. It can be used to set up ganks in lane, as well as engage skirmishes in the mid-game.

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The extreme tankiness of this composition is another strong aspect of it. Sejuani, Volibear and Braum are a massive frontline that excels in the mid-game. Their damage is still potent at this point and they can continuously look to engage on the enemy. This tankiness is a great asset to have in team fights too because of their excellent peeling capabilities, especially in an assassin/bruiser-heavy meta. Ashe is the outlier here, as even Anivia is hard to kill with her  Rod of Ages, Archangel's Staff and Zhonya's Hourglass.

The biggest thing to worry about with Glacials is the damage. Their two main damage dealers are Anivia and Ashe, neither of whom are solid picks in the meta. Their damage output is relatively lower than their counterparts, so fights need to go on longer for them to really punch through entire teams. That said, they do scale well, so the damage they can put out is usually enough to triumph over their enemies.

If you're hesitant to try this composition out, remember that even Team Liquid piloted it to great success in their LCS match against TSM, where it looked devastating and quite fun at the same time.

2. Demon

best teamfight tactics TFT compositions to play in league of legends LoL demon swain
Photo via Riot Games.
  • Top: Aatrox
  • Jungle: Elise, Evelynn
  • Mid: Swain
  • ADC: Varus
  • Support: Morgana, Brand

The Demon composition in TFT can be quite terrifying to play against. Though it doesn't have a mana-burn effect, of course, it does offer high damage and good CC. In addition, it has a mix of early game aggression, mid-game power and late-game team fight prowess. Elise and Evelynn and dominate the early game from the jungle to rack up kills for the team. Varus and either Brand or Morgana have the push in the bottom lane too, which helps set up the junglers for easy dives.

Aatrox is the mid-game monster when he groups up with the team. His laning phase is strong, but on two or three items is a raid boss. It's around this time that Swain comes online with his Rod of Ages stacking and Zhonya's Hourglass purchase. Varus is strong here too with either the Lethality, poke-oriented build or the Attack Speed build. There are a ton of pick tools this composition is able to utilize in the mid-game to get quick kills, including Elise's Cocoon, Morgana's Dark Binding and Varus' Chain of Corruption. Swain's passive makes getting these easier too.

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Finally, the late-game, 5v5 team fighting potential of this team is great. Swain and Aatrox become sustain monsters with massive damage, and if Brand is played, his ultimate can burn enemies to the ground even on a support's budget. Varus and, if played, Morgana have extremely useful team fight ultimates that can lock down enemies for the Elise or Evelynn to execute. Despite Grievous Wounds being a major thorn in the side to the Demons, they're still incredibly threatening at this point and the entire game.

1. Yordle

best teamfight tactics TFT compositions to play in league of legends LoL yordle
Photo via Cyberpower PC Blog.
  • Top: Teemo, Kennen, Poppy, Rumble, Gnar, Kled
  • Jungle: Poppy, Rumble
  • Mid: Veigar, Corki, Heimerdinger, Fizz, Ziggs
  • ADC: Tristana, Ziggs, Corki
  • Support: Lulu, Veigar, Poppy

Unfortunately, the Yordle bonus from TFT doesn't apply in LoL but still makes for a great composition. Though there are only a handful of Yordles champions in TFT, there are many more in the actual game. Unlike the other Origins, players looking to play Yordles will have a much easier time drafting their champions. Most people have played at least one Yordle champ a few times, so no one will be forced to play a champion for the first time.

The first significant strength of this composition is that many of these champions are quite annoying to play against. For example, Gnar, Kennen and Teemo are all very difficult for top-lane melee champions to lane against. Unconventional bottom lanes like Ziggs-Veigar can be devastating too, as most players don't have experience playing against it. This may be a good way to accumulate early leads through kills or straight up lane pressure.

The “cheese” potential is high, but Yordles can be drafted into standard team-fighting rosters too. An example of this is what the standard TFT Yordles comp is, with Gnar, Poppy, Veigar, Tristana and Lulu. Kennen can be substituted for Gnar as well. This version of the team allows for one or two front-liners protecting a powerful back-line empowered by an enchanter support. It boasts a decent amount of AOE, CC, consistent damage and burst damage, which makes team fighting a breeze.

The fact that there are so many Yordles means the draft doesn't have to be linear, meaning players are more comfortable on their champions. But even if you do want to stick to TFT-only champions, the ones available work together better than any other of the aforementioned comps.

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Featured image via Riot Games.

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