Forza Motorsport 8 Reviews Roundp

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Forza Motorsport 8 Reviews Roundp

All racing lovers and PC and Xbox owners cannot fail to know the Forza Motorsport series. The new chapter, Forza Motorsport 8, had the task of trying to innovate the gameplay of its predecessor, in order to keep up with the times and the competition. In this Forza Motorsport 8 reviews roundup article, therefore, we have decided to collect in one place some of the Forza Motorsport 8 reviews from the major specialized sites.

Twinfinite – 10/10

“Where so many games make me feel like I’m left wanting, Forza Motorsport left me feeling excited for the future. Sure, they’ll continue to add cars, tracks and races to this existing title, but seeing where we are now compared to where I thought was the top was nearly a decade ago leaves me feeling hopeful that as technology continues to press forward, Forza Motorsport will always be right there pushing it.” [Read full review] – Nick Rivera

MondoXbox – 9.5/10

“Forza Motorsport is back in the best possible way, thanks to a simply fabulous technical achievement, a rewarding and tremendously exciting driving model, and plenty of new features that manage to modernize the entire racing game genre; the RPG-like development system is superb, and the system that penalizes players who race unfairly in online competitions is excellent. Yet another love letter from Turn 10 to the world of racing, and it is bound to make you completely fall in love with it.” [Read full review] – Davide Mapelli

GamingTrend – 9.5/10

“Forza Motorsport really does create a platform that leaves an open track to expand on. This is the easiest Forza to get into and it performs at such a high level, you may forget it's just a game. There's nothing standing between you and the racetrack.” [Read full review] – Cassie Peterson

The Games Machine – 9/10

“Like a Formula 1 car, Forza Motorsport has quite radically rethought its set-up to reduce the gap to its rivals. The new career introduces RPG components designed to increase the bond between the player and their vehicles: the fleet of vehicles is still large, but the focus has shifted to the customization of performances. The manual calibration of difficulty and aids makes it suitable for any type of player, offering in any case an intriguing challenge thanks to the AI of the drivatars. Visually it's impressive, but there's still something missing to match the realism of GT.” [Read full review] – Claudio Magistrelli

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Pure Xbox – 8/10

“Forza Motorsport feels like a game that's set up for the future. The technical underpinnings on show in Turn 10's Xbox Series X|S debut are remarkable, and this sort of solid foundation is always a good start. While there's still hours and hours of fun to be had with what is here, genre fans will quickly be reminded of what's missing – making the new FM feel like a launch pad for what's to come rather than a complete experience at launch. When Turn 10 gets around to adding more unique career events, tracks and bonus features, this could become one of the very best sim racers ever to grace Xbox. For now, it's a brilliant effort.” [Read full review] – Ben Kerry

forza motorsport 8 reviews

IGN – 8/10

“After six long years, Forza Motorsport is off the lift and back in our lives. It looks great, feels great, sounds great, and it’s brought with it the most impressive multiplayer we’ve seen in the series so far. With 500 cars and 20 track locations it’s hardly a small start but, now positioned as a platform, Forza Motorsport has the potential to expand into a seriously rich racing destination over the coming years. If Flight Simulator on four wheels is the plan, I’m here for it. First on the list of improvements Turn 10 should focus on is revamping the new RPG-inspired upgrade system that turns progression into an unnecessarily long road ahead of each individual car, and maybe bringing back the joys of split-screen multiplayer racing to complement the excellent online modes.” [Read full review] – Luke Reilly

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TheGamer – 8/10

“Forza Motorsport is a beautiful and fast experience, but one that slows itself down to the pace you need while still keeping you solely behind the wheel. You can opt for as little or as much assistance and realism as you desire, and players of all kinds will find exactly what they want from the game. Whether it’s a simulation that you will have to master, or something where you just want to hold accelerate and feel the thrill of racing in a high-speed competitive sport without having to think too much about it, Forza Motorsport is prepared to suit those needs.” [Read full review] – Sam Hallahan

Dexerto – 8/10

“Though it’s not as good as the classics, Forza Motorsport is still the best entry in the series since the beginning of the Xbox One era. The massive strides made on track and creative RPG leveling mechanics let it appeal to both racing game veterans and newbies alike. It’s just a shame that the bizarre AI behavior and frustrating FPS restrictions in multiplayer hurt what is an otherwise superb racing experience.” [Read full review] – Kurt Perry

GamesRadar+ – 7/10

“The game engine here is demonstrably better than Forza Motorsport 7's but, in terms of breadth of gameplay, presentation, general excitement, and enjoyment gleaned from racing the AI cars, the older, now-deleted Forza Motorsport 7 is clearly superior. More content including tracks and event series will be added over time, so it will certainly improve, but right now the career mode here is so sedate and one-note, it's hard to recommend Forza Motorsport's offline mode over any of its peers.” [Read full review] – Justin Towell

PCGamesN – 7/10

“Forza Motorsport is an adequate racing game, one that delivers on the track but doesn’t come with enough bells and whistles to be considered a true great in the genre. There are better options in almost all racing sub-genres on PC, but when you’re in the cockpit, the driving itself is ferocious and raw, with plenty to enjoy.” [Read full review] – Ford James

forza motorsport 8 reviews

Forza Motorsport 8 Reviews Roundp
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