Fortnite: NA East DreamHack Open Results — Mero & Rise Shine In Finals

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Fortnite: NA East DreamHack Open Results — Mero & Rise Shine In Finals

ESTNN recaps the NA East DreamHack Open for August, where 50 talented duos squared off for a share of $200K USD.

The time has finally arrived for competitive Fortnite players to endure high-level duo tournaments. Since 2020, the DreamHack organization has supported the scene immensely. The Swedish production company invested millions of dollars in the Fortnite competitive landscape much to the delight of players and viewers everywhere.

After a brief hiatus, the DreamHack team returned in August with its monthly duo competition. Teams of two had to overcome a round of challenging preliminary heats and the grueling semi-finals to reach the final leg of the competition, where 50 duos would compete for a share of $200K USD.

The NA East Finals featured many of the region’s best, including Rocco “Saf” Morales and Leon “BBG Khanada” Khim, who clashed against the likes of three-time Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) winner Tai “Falcon TaySon” Starčič and more. However, only one duo could emerge victorious with over $13.5K USD in winnings. Let’s see how the action played out.

Mero & Rise Clutch the Final Game

DreamHack finalists brought the heat in the NA East Finals and the leaderboard could not have been closer heading into the last match. While Saf and Khanada were in a prime position to win, Mero and Rise rose to the occasion. The sixth and final game saw two-time FNCS winner Mero and breakout star Rise navigate the end game and accumulate timely eliminations when needed.

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Although they didn’t win game six, Mero and Rise secured four eliminations and finished third to seal the deal. In total, the dynamic duo completed 28 eliminations en route to a 326 point performance. The two talented NA East players earned their first major tournament win as a tandem and walked away with $13.5K USD.

Saf & Khanada Lose Final Game Spawn Fight

Fortnite legends Saf and Khanada were in the driver’s seat with one game remaining. Unfortunately, the two players fell to European players Merijn and Lnuef to effectively end their tournament lives. It was a heartbreaking outcome for a duo that performed well in recent weeks.

Saf and Khanada were understandably upset with the result, but it’s only a matter of time before they win a DreamHack Open. It seems Saf has found a steady duo partner after Zayt’s retirement earlier this year. They’ll be a force in months to come, and there’s an element of redemption at play.

NA West Stars Jelty & Criizux Contend on High Ping

The NA East players sure did deliver on their home turf. However, the high-ping warriors — G2 Jelty and FS criizux — stole the show. Despite competing in six grueling matches while contested on 80 ping, these two held it together. Jelty and criizux in eighth with 243 points and 20 eliminations—good enough for $2.35K USD.

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Interesting Takeaways

  • Mero becomes a two-time DreamHack Champion (also won with Calculator in December)
  • Rise wins his first major tournament
  • Rise wins his second tournament of the season (also won DreamHack Cash Cup Extra)
  • Both players have qualified for a combined 12 DreamHack Finals (four for Rise and eight for Mero)
  • Mero & Rise earned 14 eliminations versus teams inside the top-ten

Final Leaderboard

  • 1st: ENDL8SS Mero & TNG Rise – 326 points – $13,500
  • 2nd: skqttles & 33 nut – 301 points – $8,000
  • 3rd: ENDL8SS Deyy & NRG Clix – 297 points  – $6,600
  • 4th: FS Degen & FS Ajerss – 282 points – $5,300
  • 5th: Saf & BBG Khanada – 257 points – $4,450
  • 6th: LG Slackes & XTRA Illest – 254 points – $3,400
  • 7th: NRG Bucke & G2 MackWood – 251 points – $2,650
  • 8th: FS criizux & G2 Jelty – 243 points – $2,350
  • 9th: FS Billy & TNA Slick – 230 points – $2,050
  • 10th: VCGO Avivv & TMP Cryp – 229 points – $1,700
  • 11th: TNG Eomzo & Paper – 214 points – $1,450
  • 12th: Falcon HedaZ & AKA 1337gage – 214 points – $1,450
  • 13th: 33 PaMstou & Fatch – 209 points – $1,450
  • 14th: Adn & Michael – 184 points – $1,450
  • 15th: Liquid STRETCH & NRG Edgey – 182 points – $1,450

That concludes the NA East DreamHack Open for August. Check back here tomorrow for a complete recap once the European region ends! Be sure also to visit DreamHack Fortnite’s VOD to rewatch the entire broadcast.

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