Fortnite: DreamHack Open NA East Recap & Results — An Underdog Story

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Fortnite: DreamHack Open NA East Recap & Results — An Underdog Story

ESTNN recaps the October NA East DreamHack Open duos tournament.

Fifty Fortnite Battle Royale duos made it through a grueling stretch of competition in October’s DreamHack Open. With a share of $200K USD up for grabs, finalists had all the incentives required to navigate one of the toughest tournaments of Season 8 meticulously. Two preliminary heats and the Semi-Finals set up for an eight-game gauntlet across four and a half hours. The DreamHack Open is not for the faint of heart.

Some of Fortnite’s best settled into the Grand Finals, including four-time trio Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) winners 100T Arkhram and NRG EpikWhale, FaZe Cented and TSM FTX Commandment, NRG Bucke and G2 MackWood and many more. However, only one duo could ultimately call themselves the DreamHack Open champions for October. Let’s see how the competition played out and which team came out on top.

Underdogs Shonye & Smite Secure Victory

The European and NA East combination of Queasy and Bully got out to a quick start, securing back-to-back Victory Royales. A tournament win for them seemed inevitable, but the underdog team of Shonye and Smite had other plans.

After a strong start, Queasy and Bully slid down the leaderboard, which paved the way for a Shonye and Smite to come back. In matches two and three, the two players had throwaway outings but rallied with a Victory Royale in game four. Shonye and Smite placed 11th, 4th, 18th and 23rd, coming home with eliminations to boot.

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A bit of luck certainly helped these two take home the championship, as eventual runners-up Zlem and Narwhal needed just one more placement to usurp Smite and Shonye. Nonetheless, a win is a win, and it was well-deserved by two surging NA East talents.

Narwhal & Zlem Make it Interesting

After ending Semi-Finals in third, Narwhal and Zlem rode into Finals with confidence. They were in contention heading into the last game but needed a miracle performance to overtake Shonye and Smite. Narwhal and Zlem nearly made fantasy a reality with perhaps their most impressive effort of the entire tournament.

Shonye and Smite settled for 23rd in match number eight, which opened the door for Narwhal and Zlem to climb into first. Unfortunately, their fourth-place finish left them two points short of victory. One more placement would have secured them the tournament. It was an outstanding finish to a lengthy DreamHack Finals that remained close until the closing moments.

Bully & Queasy Lead Early & Falter Late

The stars nearly aligned for the unlikely duo of NA East and European duo of Bully and Queasy. Bully’s natural elimination ability mixed well with Queasy’s in-game leader (IGL) role. These two started the DreamHack Open Finals with back-to-back Victory Royales and led for most of the tournament. The last four games proved challenging for Bully and Queasy, who finished 27th, 11th, 27th and 24th with only one elimination to close the competition.

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Still, it’s an impressive achievement for two players in entirely different regions to finish fourth in the most robust duos tournament of the season. Perhaps we will see Queasy and Bully combine forces once again for the next DreamHack Open. There’s an intriguing redemption arc in play if that comes to fruition.

Final Leaderboard (all prize money split between both players)

  • 1st: FLu Smite, shonye1x – 398 points ($13,500)
  • 2nd: narwhal 10101010, BOTBOIZLEM – 396 points ($8,000)
  • 3rd: Jοјi, TabzG – 357 points ($6,600)
  • 4th: FS Bully iwnl, Queasykame – 354 points ($5,300)
  • 5th: ManCity Threats, twitter userzfn – 353 points ($4,450)
  • 6th: OSPERATIE, DeRoller. – 340 points ($3,400)
  • 7th: TNG Eomzo, paper – 331 points ($2,650)
  • 8th: noob teyo, ELITE PLEGE 21VV – 327 points ($2,350)
  • 9th: Liquid STRЕTCН, NRG Edgey – 296 points ($2,050)
  • 10th: FS DEGEN, FS Αjerss – 295 points ($1,700)
  • 11th: Voil -_-, Xcсept – 294 points ($1,450)
  • 12th: TNG Nut., clarityG – 290 points ($1,450)
  • 13th: K2G Cold, elitxe ay лол 7 – 289 points ($1,450)
  • 14th: 100T Arkhram., NRG EpikWhale5x – 249 points ($1,450)
  • 15th: mеro17, DТ Rise – 248 points ($1,450)
  • 16th: C9 nosh, TNG chukky 002 – 238 points ($900)
  • 17th: SEN Aspect., whofishy carеs – 227 points ($900)
  • 18th: JАRITO, liI baby ganzo – 221 points ($900)
  • 19th: Falcon Andilada, Falcon Leonada – 212 points ($900)
  • 20th: Adn 7, King Michаel – 212 points ($900)

That concludes our coverage of the NA East October DreamHack Open Finals. Tomorrow, 50 duos in the European region will look to earn the top prize of $23K USD. Stay tuned for a complete recap of the events that unfold.

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