Fortnite: DreamHack Anaheim Day 2 Results

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Fortnite: DreamHack Anaheim Day 2 Results

Only 100 players remain after two intense days of competition at the DreamHack Anaheim Fortnite Open.

Day two of DreamHack Anaheim is in the books, and what transpired, many could not have predicted. Day one of the tournament produced the first 200 players who would play in the semifinals. The second day of DreamHack Anaheim was the endurance round. Both the yellow heat and semifinals took place in about eight hours. At the conclusion of heat two, 400 competitors remained and 300 more would go empty-handed after the semifinals. Let’s see how the yellow heat and semifinals played out on the penultimate day of DreamHack Anaheim.

Yellow Heat Results

The scoreboard for the final standings of the yellow heat showing superior scolly in first place

It was do or die time for the remaining players who did not qualify through the blue heat. Superior scolly of England broke the DreamHack Fortnite point record with 533. Some other notable names inside the top ten included C9 Nicks of Brazil, Reverse2k and Duo World Cup Champion, nyhrox. These players clutched up when it mattered most, but still had one more grueling round to get through. Along with 190 others, the top ten shown above made it through to the semifinals. Grand finals saw 400 of the best Fortnite players across several regions narrow themselves down to 100.

Semi-Finals Results

The scoreboard for the Semi-Finals showing Benjyfish in first place

Benjyfishy of NRG stole the show in the semifinals. He started slow, but rallied back over the ensuing games and put up 458 points. Benjy managed one Victory Royale and mixed placement with eliminations to reach the number one spot. Tomorrow is Benjy’s opportunity to earn his first major LAN victory in Fortnite.

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DreamHack Winter Champion, Merijn, rallied back in both the yellow heat and the semifinals. He finished slightly below benjyfishy in points but achieved two Victory Royales. Merijn journeyed from the Netherlands and will be looking to repeat as back-to-back DreamHack Fortnite Champion.

Toff, littleXX and Tavern all represented the NA West region and found themselves in the top ten of the semi-finals. MRKN Av and Maseff2x, both of NA East, finished in fifth and ninth, respectively. These ten players, along with 90 others, will compete for $250K USD tomorrow in the grand finals. Here are some other players who finished inside the top 100 and will compete in the finals.


  • MrSavage – 14th Place
  • Secret Mexe – 15th Place
  • Wolfiez – 18th Place
  • TrainH Seth – 20th Place
  • Vitality BadSnpR – 21st Place
  • Blacky.BDS – 36th Place
  • TrainH Alpha – 41st Place
  • Umplify – 51st Place
  • MCES Andilex – 58th Place
  • COOLER Noward – 66th Place
  • TrainH Yagsou – 69th Place
  • Veloce Saevid – 82nd Place
  • Nakama Fray – 92nd Place
  • TSM Crue – 94th Place

NA West

  • 100T Rehx – 19th Place
  • Thomuss – 34th Place
  • CLG Jay – 53rd Place
  • AndrewXX – 65th Place
  • NRG Edgey – 70th Place
  • Liquid Cented – 84th Place
  • NRG EpikWhale – 100th Place

NA East

  • Ghost Bizzle – 24th Place
  • LG Hogman – 30th Place
  • Nanolite – 29th Place
  • coL Punisher – 39th Place
  • NRG Zayt – 40th Place
  • Khanada – 43rd Place
  • RS clarityG – 44th Place
  • TSM ZexRow – 45th Place
  • SEN Animal – 55th Place
  • LZR Kreo – 59th Place
  • Bumpaah – 61st Place
  • Reverse2k – 73rd Place
  • SEN HighSky – 85th Place
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Overall it was a tough semi-final for those who could not make the top 100. Notable names like Clix, MackWood, Calculator, Saf, Elevate, Bucke, Nyhrox and Dubs are just a few of the 300 semifinalists that are packing their bags and heading home. Many of these players missed qualification by only a few points and won’t have the opportunity to compete for the $30K USD grand prize.

What to Expect on Day Three

Fortnite tournaments often produce unforeseen results due to the randomness within the game. Competitors often can’t catch a break, and many players will suffer this same fate in the Grand Finals. The top names to keep an eye out for are former teammates and duo partners, MrSavage and Benjyfishy. These two European’s journeyed from their respective countries to not only compete but win DreamHack Anaheim.

We cannot, however, overlook the amount of talent in the top 100. In reality, all of these players possess the ability to win as long as they execute their game plan and remain focused. Fortnite can often cripple players mentally if each match does not play out as intended. It’s almost impossible to predict a winner, but we can be sure that someone will make history when the final leaderboard populates on day three of DreamHack Anaheim.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for day three coverage of the DreamHack Anaheim Fortnite Open.

Image via Adam Antor / ESPAT Media

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